Taurus Character Analysis

Of all the signs of the Zodiac, Taurus is perhaps the most diligent and determined. Taurus are hard workers and stick with something once it’s begun. They are thorough people and are careful to avoid making mistakes. Patient, the Bull knows how to bide his time. If something doesn’t work out as scheduled, he or she will wait until the appropriate moment comes along, then forge ahead.
The person born under this sign is far from lazy. He will work hard to achieve whatever it is he desires. He is so determined that others often think of him as being unreasonably stubborn. He’ll stick to a point he believes is right—nothing can force him to give up his chosen path once his mind is made up.
Taurus takes his time in whatever he does. He wants to make sure everything is done right. At times this may exasperate people who are quick about things. Still and all, a job done by a Taurus is generally a job well done. Careful, steady, and reliable, Taurus is just the opposite of high-strung. This person can take a lot upon himself. Sometimes his burdens or worries are of such proportions that others would find them impossible to carry, but somehow Taurus manages in his silent way.
Taurus may be even-tempered, but he puts up with nonsense from no one. Others had better not take advantage of his balanced disposition. If they do, they are apt to rue the day.
The Taurus man or woman plans well before taking any one line of action. He believes in being well-prepared before embarking on any one project. Others may see him as a sort of slowpoke, but he is not being slow—just sure. He is not the sort of person who would act on a whim or fancy. He wants to be certain of the ground he is standing on.
Material things make him feel comfortable and successful. Some have a definite love of luxury and the like. This may be the result of a slight feeling of inferiority. Material goods make him feel that he is doing well and that he is just as good as the next person.
Taurus is someone who can be trusted at all times. Once he has declared himself a friend, he remains so. He is loyal and considerate of others. In his circle of friends he is quite apt to be one of the successful people. Taurus admires success; he looks up to people who have made something of themselves.
On the whole, Taurus is a down-to-earth person. He is not pretentious or lofty, but direct and earnest. Things that are a bit abstract or far-fetched may not win his immediate approval. He believes in being practical. When he makes a decision, it is generally one with a lot of thought behind it.