Sun in Virgo

The sign Virgo is almost as mercurial as that of Gemini, but, being of an earthy nature, it is rather the fixed than the volatile Mercury which it manifests. The natural coldness of Mercury is rather accentuated. The vitality is manifested upon the mental plane, but in a more practical way than was the case with Gemini. The ratiocinative power is strong and the sense of causality extremely so, but there is not the same tendency toward idealism as we saw with the sign of the Twins. Virgo is a practical sign; its native does not doubt the existence of spiritual planes, but the everyday facts of the world are apt to occupy his attention and prevent him from explorations into the unseen. The nature is just, but not oversympathetic. The native is apt to be retiring and somewhat solitary. There is a certain shyness in the disposition which prevents the native from showing himself as he is, and this often makes it difficult for him to acquire the confidence of others* Even where this reserve wears off superficially through social intercourse, it still exists beneath the surface, and the real native is at heart unapproachable, as is seen in observing Goethe, Maeterlinck, Tolstoi, and Herbert Asquith. People with the Sun in Virgo are discriminative and keenly critical, but they are tactful and likely to keep their discoveries to themselves. They are accurate observers of detail, often very methodical, but, as a rules have not the creative force necessary for successful generalization. The memory is excellent and retentive, but too apt to allow garnered facts to repose unused. The emotions are not easily aroused, nor easily quieted when aroused, but in no case do they play a great part in the disposition. There are few extremes in this sign. Generally even-balanced and cool-headed, the native makes few pretensions and works quietly and unobserved. But there is sometimes an inordinate pride in the intellectual ability, which may not be justified. Queen Elizabeth is a notable example of this intellectual vanity. The critical quality is a valuable mental attainment, but one is not in the first class unless he can construct originally. Virgo rules the bowels and the sympathetic nervous system. The central nervous system of the human body is well symbolized by the caduceus of Mercury. The head of the wand is the cerebellum and the wings are the two halves of the cerebrum. The shaft is the spinal column and the snakes which surround it arc the nadi, ida, and pingala, which surround the central sushumna in the Hindu anatomy. Thus, all mental and nervous forces in their most physical aspects are under Mercury. Many spinal complaints are, therefore, caused by afflictions of Virgo. Virgo also corresponds in man to the abdomen, ruling in this attribution the liver ; the gull bladder and gall ducts ; the spleen ; pancreas and suprarenal capsules. The kidneys, acting as a filter, are tinder Libra. The remainder of the urinary apparatus is under Scorpio, which also rules the reproductive system. Capricornus is intimately connected with Scorpio and rules the muscular portion of the reproductive system, Scorpio being more concerned with the glands and their secretions. But an affliction of Virgo may lead to disease in any one of these parts sooner or later, through sympathetic response to any irritation of the spinal or glandular nerves. The Virgo native is greatly affected by worry and also by the magnetism of others, and care in diet Is an extremely important factor in the preservation of his health.

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