Sun in Scorpio

The Sun in Scorpio, the house of death, is very strong, but the native is very likely to suffer violence. It is quite frequently found that people with this position suffer from diseases which bring them to a premature end, as for example Stevenson and Marie Bashkirtseff, or, when badly aspected, they may meet a violent death like Domitian, Marie Antoinette, Garfield and Stanford White. This is physically the most magnetic sign in the Zodiac. There are three main types, classed respectively under eagle, serpent, and scorpion. But in every case, an extremely forceful and dominating personality is to be expected. With even the best types, the appearance is often somewhat austere. Tremendous will-power is evident in every line of the countenance,, which is frequently what conventional people call ugly and occasionally this native bears scars. This rather formidable appearance is, however, frequently combined with a kindly disposition. However dark and forbidding may be the countenance the nature has yet the fascination of the serpent. The native is easily aroused to anger, and makes a most dangerous enemy, for he cannot be trusted to fight fair, as with Leo, but will take any means in his power to injure his antagonist; nor is he held back by any feeling of pity, but will go on to the bitter end. Occasionally, this is so pronounced as to cause actual defect in the fighting quality. But it is doubtful if any sign in the Zodiac illustrates so markedly the contrast between the spiritually awakened soul and its opposite. Crafty and cunning, with intense passions and jealousies and with a vindictiveness which will wreak insatiable revenges, the Scorpio native becomes, under higher impulses, indefatigable in his desire to help mankind, and his coldness and insensibility to the sufferings of others is transmuted into devotion and self-sacrifice. The coolness of demeanor and stern sense of justice and integrity, together with uncontrollable desire for freedom, may degenerate into harshness, selfishness and discontent, or blossom into efficiency, sympathy and true generosity. Where the Sun is fairly well aspected and Mars Is free from affliction, the constitution is extraordinarily strong; the resisting power is greater than with any other sign. The native is capable of infinite hard work and is most dogged, persevering and tenacious in carrying out his plans. He does not, however, go at them like a bull at a gate. He is always exercising his intelligence to out-maneuver his opponent. Where Scorpio assumes the eagle type, the noblest qualities of Mars and the Sun arc found combined, ami there is a certain, subtlety and intellectuality about them which come more from the nature of the sign itself than from either of the planets. There is no better sign in the Zodiac for commanding success, but this success nearly always comes through bitter fighting. There is a strong tendency to science and all other branches of life which demand the blending of the two qualities, energy and subtlety. Provided that the Sun is strengthened by some good aspects, it is as favorable a position as could be wished for him. At the same time, the student must never forget to expect something secret and sinister in the nature. Scorpio rules the glands of the pelvis and, from its opposition to Taurus, often affects the corresponding parts in the neck and throat, but its most special signification is in connection with the organs of reproduction. Scorpio is particularly to be feared in the recurrence of Cancer after operations, for such secondary growths are usually glandular and such diseases are more dangerous than ordinary local afflictions of the reproductive organs.

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