Sun in Libra

Though the Sun is in his fall in Libra, the fact that this is a cardinal sign tends to restore his strength and on the whole the Venusian nature of the sign brings out more pleasing qualities than does the martial stimulus of Aries. The disposition given by the Sun in Libra is extremely kind and sympathetic and the affection extraordinarily strong, but the sense of justice is extremely deep-rooted; and, if the native should feel that he is being abused or imposed upon, his indignation may make him seem cold and resentful. This same sense of justice seems to underlie every trait of the native. In religion, for example, he will not confine himself to any one system, but look for the best points in all and endeavor to strike a balance between them. Sometimes the delicacy of mental adjustment may be interpreted as in decision and. In undeveloped types, It may really amount to this weakness. It is certain that the native will not form snap judgments; he may prefer to suffer acutely himself rather than risk injustice to others. These people are also extremely sensitive in their feelings, and this makes them appear to some extent more dependent upon others than is the average person. They have an extremely powerful critical faculty, which, however, is sympathetic, and they are therefore generally appreciative. Their sense of harmony and proportion is admirable, and the native obtains the most intense pleasure from the contemplation of duty. Good examples of these qualities are found in Edward VI, both of whom have the Sun in this sign. Vulgarity revolts him and sometimes his disappointment in finding a suitable environment may bring out the Saturnian side of Libra and tend to make him try to live in a world of his own, or in some other way to be a recluse. Aspects of Uranus and Saturn to the Sun increase this possibility. Cornelius Agrippa has a sextile of Saturn to the Sun, and with Savonarola they are in far off conjunction. In all matters involving accurate judgment, the native is at his best, but in practical matters he may be over-subtle. He may decline to believe a fact which is perfectly obvious to everybody else, just because it is thrust upon him. The constitution is extremely sound, but docs not manifest itself in strength or robustness. Endurance and the power of recuperation are its characteristics, The native will probably be of little good where sudden exertion is involved, but in the case of longcontinued strain, he will outlast men apparently much stronger. Libra is preeminently the feminine sign, far more so than Taurus. The principal part of the body ruled by Libra is the lumbar region, which of course includes the kidneys and affects materially the spine. With good aspects of the Sun, however, troubles with these parts are apt to be only functional, and it frequently happens that a delicate adolescence is followed by a life of perfect harmony and balance of health. There is one singular trait of the disposition in Libra which is so remarkable as to deserve special mention. It is brought out very strongly when Venus or Mercury or both are also present in the sign. It is this, that the nature of the individual is neither decidedly male nor female, but partakes almost equally of both qualities. This will not necessarily manifest itself outwardly, though sometimes it seems to have a great effect in the moulding of the physical body.

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