Sun in Cancer

In Cancer, the Sun finds a sign which is too watery and lunar to be altogether a happy habitation. Jupiter, exalted in this sign, blends some of his qualities with the solar rays, but, unless the Sun is well-dignified, the working is not altogether favorable; for, since it is Jupiter’s luxuriousness that is brought out, the Sun in this sign tends to laxness of life, giving a disposition too contented and easy-going, and a disinclination to exercise energy. The disposition is apt to be idle ; lassitude seems to be the rule of life, yet with this is associated what passes for tenacity of purpose. Such changes as take place are superficial and leave the temperament and purpose undisturbed, but there Is little manifestation of any real vigor or energy. These remarks apply to undeveloped types. Where the Influence of Jupiter, who is exalted in Cancer, enters strongly into the development of the native, we may find indomitable will and an extremely masterful disposition. Such types are fairly well represented by John Quincy Adams, Joseph Chamberlain, Cecil Rhodes and Lord Northcliffe. A love of antiquity and of old, established things often manifests itself in the native, and he may take a deep interest in old books, paintings, bric-a-brac or in some such half-forgotten science as heraldry. The energetic type, on the other hand, occupies itself more exclusively with the affairs of the moment, and is apt to have a contempt for anything that is not entirely up-to-date. Cancer rules the alimentary canal, as far as the bowels, which are under Virgo, and people with the Sun in this sign are often sufferers from indigestion, with functional troubles which may manifest in a hundred different forms, all of which can be traced to this original weakness, as occasionally caused by the implication of the pneumo-gastric nerve. The disposition of the native tends to confirm this threat against the health. The appetite is frequently both excessive and abnormal. Cancer being a watery sign, there is also a danger of over-indulgence in strong drink. Especially when Venus is in the same sign, the sex appetite of the native is prone to be quite normal, and, being generally combined with strong affection and a placid disposition, this often makes for happiness in marriage. This position of the Sun is not favorable to longevity. Children who come into the world about this time of the year seem not to get the necessary hardening, and the Moon, lady of the sign, being so easily influenced and so rapid in motion, evil directions come about, if not more frequently, yet at least with a much greater chance of shattering the citadel. This gives a natural explanation of the fact that in a list of hundreds of famous people, only a few isolated cases are found to have been born under the Sun’s rays in Cancer. On the other hand, as the native of Cancer grows older, his constitution grows more robust and he stands a good chance of reaching a fairly good old age. This is bound to be so for the reason that the Sun, in time, progresses into the sign Leo.

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