Sun in Aries

In Aries the Sun Is in his exaltation, very powerful and brilliant, with that first glow and exultation which is associated with the Spring. Aries, however, is under Mars as ruler, and this tends to bring out the arrows from the quiver of Apollo. In this sign, the Sun is sometimes apt to slay. Aries rules the head in man, and being also the beginning of the Zodiac, he tends to fill the mind of the native with extreme ambition to accomplish daringly original, yet practical undertakings. Wilhelm I of Germany, and Bismark, who built the German Empire from the ruins of the struggles of the Middle Ages and of the Napoleonic Wars, both had the Sun in this sign. So had Thiers, who restored the French Republic after the crash of Sedan and the flames of the Commune, and Grxmbetta who contributed so largely to the same work.

It is frequently the case that the Ideas of the native are considered impractical or impossible by those to whom he communicates them. It was fortunate for Bismarck that his King possessed the same Sun position, for it is characteristic of these people that, unless the vigorous energy which they manifest on the conception of their ideas shows an immediate result, their interest may wane and another idea of equal vehemence replace the first. It is most necessary for the native to acquire patience and perseverance. The mind must be trained to continue in out channel and the dissipation of the forces of life must be guarded again with the utmost care. The native must not be content merely to imagine his career; also he must not shrink from the spado work which is essential to bring ideas to fruition. The Aries constitution is rather finely balanced ; it is powerful, yet delicate. There is a decided tendency to overwork the body, either intellectually or physically.

There is, however, no clunker of nervous over-strain. Aries people are generally lacking in Mw psychic and spiritual qualities. Dangers to the health are indicated by the planets involved, but fevers and apoplexy are principally to be feared; and the native may also suffer from headache and other afflictions of that extremity of the body. The expression is usually commanding, sometimes even violent, and the countenance may at times be red, while there is a likelihood of some mole or birthmark on the face. In itself, this position of the Sun does not promise any great longevity. Diseases are likely to -be aggravated by the disposition, which is usually careless and even contemptuous of the health; the appetites are sometimes excessive and the passions need control. Speaking generally, this is a better place for the Sun in a male nativity than in that of a female.

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