Snake 2019

Couple and Affective Bonds

Snakes and their couples will achieve unforgettable moments: they will fuse together in mind, body and spirit as true twin souls. Single Snakes that do not meet their partners will find a sense of fulfillment in themselves, which will be necessary for setting strong bonds in the near future.
The year 2019 will find Snake people more relaxed in the face of diverse social situations; they will be able to express themselves spontaneously and will not care so much about other people’s opinions. In their own year, they will feel safe; so they will no longer need to examine the behavior and intention of third parties so up close. In fact, coexistence with them will undergo a remarkable improvement.


Undoubtedly, 2019 will be your year. Energy will run at its peak and they will be able to make the most of financial situations with minimal effort. Nevertheless, they must not lose the contexts and the persons around them. The challenge remains in finding an ethical balance between individuality and solidarity. Snakes must make sure of not harming others when doing business, because this harm will strike back. They will be able to save money and use it to rest the following year, after the high demands of the current time. They will feel encouraged to enroll in new areas of performance; even if they are not so profitable, they will be enjoyable; and this experience will be capitalized.


In spite of their calm and serene demeanor, Snakes are very dynamic, intellectual, and possess a restlessness that brims with energy. When stopping to rest, they feel completely drained because of all the accumulated tension and mental stress. They have a hard time relaxing; and suffer from contractures and anxiety disorders. Not being used to show their own emotions, they can eventually suffer from this unhealthy attitude as their emotions eventually express through their body. Nevertheless, Snakes are kings of wisdom, meditation, and spirituality. They know how to return to their natural balance and harmonize with the Cosmos. They will strive for keeping an orderly life, and to react to their own problems in a very mature way.

Quality of Life

In their very own year, Snakes will be, as expected, very active and will spend a lot of energy. They will need frequent short trips and take to Nature in order to reload their Qi. Taking part of solidarity activities and teams will comprise their major challenge, as this means they will have to let go of their usual individualistic attitudes. People born under this sign can engage in techniques for spiritual ascent, which will lead them into quite intense mystical experiences. Getting in touch with the daily “here and now” with no stress can be achieved by means of craft work —especially metal work, gardening, and knitting.