Snake 2016

The Year of the Monkey starts on 8 February and will be a reasonably good one for the Snake. Progress is certainly possible and on a personal level the year can bring happiness, but it is not a time for risks or for being too independent.
As far as his work is concerned, the Snake will be able to build on his experience and make useful headway. As with the previous year, his greatest successes will come from areas which draw on his expertise rather than from anything new. The Snake’s contacts and the knowledge and reputation he has built up will often lead to more responsibilities or promotion. The Monkey year will offer good chances to progress, with March, June, September and October being encouraging for work opportunities.
Snakes who are seeking work or feeling limited in their current position will also find that by drawing on their knowledge and experience they will be able to secure a position they are well suited for and which they will find more fulfilling.
While his progress may be good, the Snake does, however, need to watch his independent tendencies. To benefit from the support and co-operation of others, he needs to show himself a good team member rather than keep himself to himself. Otherwise, should any difficulties arise, he could find himself isolated. Snakes, do take note of this.
In addition, the Snake should keep his knowledge and skills up to date, even though he may feel he is already proficient in what he does. By taking advantage of training opportunities and being prepared to develop himself, he will gain a great deal and will find his future progress that much easier. Personal development is a key area in 2016.
This will be a generally good year for money matters, with the Snake not only enjoying a noticeable increase in income but also receiving additional funds from another source. Some Snakes may find they are able to supplement their income by freelance work or putting a skill or talent to profitable use. The enterprising could find their initiative well rewarded. The upturn in finances will also allow the Snake to spend money on his home, his interests and loved ones, whom he can sometimes spoil quite considerably. Also, if he is able, he should try to add to his savings. By managing his finances well, he will not only appreciate the rewards of his efforts but also improve his overall assets.
The Snake’s relations with others are also well aspected. Many of those Snakes already enjoying romance, perhaps started in the previous Goat year, will decide to get engaged, married or settle down together. And for the unattached, serious romance can beckon. The Monkey year is excellently aspected for affairs of the heart, with March, April, July and August bringing good chances to meet others. For any Snake who has had a recent disappointment in his love life, this is the time to move forward, go out and make new friends. Many of these Snakes will meet someone who will quickly become important to them.
All Snakes, regardless of their situation, can gain much from their social life in 2016 and it will provide an important balance to all their other activities. Snakes have a tendency to keep themselves to themselves, but this really is a year when they should make every effort to lose some of their reserve and go out more. Their life will be so much richer as a result.
And with his quiet humour and kindly ways, the Snake does have so much to offer.
This also applies to the Snake’s home life. His love and care will do much to encourage family members over the year. And whether he is assisting those who may be involved in study, have important decisions to make or are grappling with problems related to work, the Snake’s considerate nature and advice will be appreciated. Some of his suggestions for family activities can also lead to some pleasurable occasions. Home life means much to the Snake and his contribution will certainly make a difference in the Monkey year.
One warning that does need to be sounded, though, relates to any practical projects the Snake may start, especially any home improvements. In some instances such projects will be more disruptive than he originally envisaged and could lead to some fraught moments. When planning such projects, the Snake should allow plenty of time and avoid starting too much at once.
Practical activities can lead to some tricky domestic moments! Snakes, take note.
Overall, this can be a positive year for the Snake, although he does need to watch his more independent tendencies. In his work, he can look forward to making good progress by making the most of his strengths and working well with others, while domestically, socially and romantically, this can be a pleasing and rewarding year.

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