Scorpio Woman Virgo Man

Although the Virgo man may be a bit of a fussbudget at times, his seriousness and dedication to common sense may help you to overlook his tendency to sometimes be overcritical about minor things.

Virgo men are often quiet, respectable types who set great store in conservative behavior and levelheadedness. He’ll admire you for your practicality and tenacity—perhaps even more than for your good looks. He’s seldom bowled over by a glamour-puss. When he gets his courage up, he turns to a serious and reliable woman for romance. He’ll be far from a Valentino while dating. In fact, you may wind up making all the passes. Once he does get his motor running, however, he can be a warm and wonderful fellow—to the right lover.

He’s gradual about love. Chances are your romance with him will most likely start out looking like an ordinary friendship. Once he’s sure you’re no fly-by-night flirt and have no plans of taking him for a ride, he’ll open up and rain sunshine all over your heart.

Virgo men tend to marry late in life. He believes in holding out until he’s met the right mate. He may not have many names in his little black book. In fact, he may not even have a black book. He’s not interested in playing the field; leave that to men of the more flamboyant signs.

The Virgo man is so particular that he may remain romantically inactive for a long period. His mate has to be perfect or it’s no go. If you find yourself feeling weak-kneed for a Virgo man, do your best to convince him that perfect is not so important when it comes to love. Help him to realize that he’s missing out on a great deal by not considering the near-perfect or whatever it is you consider yourself to be. With your surefire perseverance, you will most likely make him listen to reason and he’ll wind up reciprocating your romantic interests.

The Virgo man is no block of ice. He’ll respond to what he feels to be the right feminine flame. Once your love life with a Virgo man starts to bubble, don’t give it a chance to fall flat. You may never have a second chance at winning his heart.
If you should ever have a separation from him, forget about patching up. He’d prefer to let the pieces lie scattered. Once married, though, he’ll stay that way—even if it hurts.

He’s too conscientious to try to back out of a legal deal of any sort. The Virgo father appreciates good manners and courtesy. He will instill a sense of order in the household, and he expects the children to respect his wishes. He is very concerned about the kids’ health and hygiene, so he may try to restrict their freedom. You have a magic touch in matters of health, so you can reassure your Virgo mate and allow the children some leeway.