Scorpio Woman Scorpio Man

When two Scorpios get together, it’s either too much of a good thing or it’s nothing at all. Can you put up with someone who is as explosive, as powerful, as possessive as you are? Perhaps you understand yourself better than you understand a Scorpio man.

He’s a lot like you in many ways, but there are lots of little ways he has that can irritate and madden you.
The Scorpio man hates being tied down to home life—he would rather be out on the battlefield of life, belting away at whatever he feels is a just and worthy cause, instead of staying home nestled in a comfortable armchair with the evening paper. As passionate as he is in business affairs and politics, the Scorpio man still has plenty of pep and ginger stored away for lovemaking.

Most women are easily attracted to him—perhaps you are no exception. Those who allow a man born under this sign to sweep them off their feet soon find that they’re dealing with a pepper pot of seething excitement.
The Scorpio man is passionate with a capital P, but your passion is a match for his. Both of you are capable of dishing out emotional pain while you enjoy the sensual pleasure you have come to expect from this steamy combination of two water signs.

You both can complement each other’s strengths, or prey on each other’s weaknesses. You both are blunt, angry individuals. The Scorpion sting can insult each other, wound each other—yet remarkably it can heal each other. One of you will have to keep a stiff upper lip, take it on the chin, turn a deaf ear at times. You both are under each other’s love spell in spite of everything.

If you have decided to take the bitter with the sweet, prepare yourself for a lot of ups and downs. Chances are you won’t have as much time for your own affairs and interests as you’d like.The Scorpio man’s love of power may cause you to be at his constant beck and call.

Scorpios like fathering large families. He is proud of his children, but often he fails to live up to his responsibilities as a parent. In spite of the extremes in his personality, the Scorpio man is able to transform the conflicting characteristics within himself when he becomes a father. When he takes his fatherly duties seriously, he is a powerful teacher.

He believes in preparing his children for the hard knocks life sometimes delivers. He is adept with difficult youngsters because he knows how to tap the best in each child.