Scorpio Woman Sagittarius Man

Sagittarius men are not easy to catch. They get cold feet whenever visions of the altar enter the romance. You’ll most likely be attracted to the Sagittarius because of his sunny nature. He’s lots of laughs and easy to get along with. But as soon as the relationship begins to take on a serious hue, you may feel disappointed a little when Sagittarius starts to back away.

Sagittarius are full of bounce, perhaps too much bounce to suit you. They are often hard to pin down; they dislike staying put. If he ever has a chance to be on the move, he’ll latch onto it without so much as a how-do-you-do. Sagittarius are quick people, both in mind and spirit. If ever they do make mistakes, it’s because of their zip. They leap before they look.
If you offer him good advice, he most likely won’t follow it.

Sagittarius men like to rely on their own wits and ways. His up-and-at-’em manner about most things is likely to drive you up the wall. He’s likely to find you a little too intense and deliberate. Your competitive streak and compulsion to win will ruin the joy of the game for him. He can’t abide an equally matched rival, especially one like you who against any odds may beat him.

At times you’ll find him too much like a kid—too breezy. Don’t mistake his youthful zest for premature senility. Sagittarius is equipped with first-class brainpower and knows how to use it. They are often full of good ideas and drive. Generally, they are very broad-minded people and very much concerned with fair play and equality.

In the romance department, he’s quite capable of loving you wholeheartedly while treating you like a good pal. His hail-fellow-well-met manner in the arena of love is likely to insult the deeply sexual Scorpio woman. However, a woman who knows that his heart is in the right place won’t mind it too much if he behaves like a schoolboy once in a while.
He’s not so much of a homebody.

He’s got ants in his pants and enjoys being on the move. Humdrum routine—especially at home—bores him silly. At the drop of a hat, he may ask you to dine out for a change. He’s a past master in the instant surprise department. He’ll love to keep you guessing. His friendly, candid nature will win him many friends. He’ll expect his friends to be yours, and vice versa.

The Sagittarius father can be all thumbs when it comes to tiny tots. He will dote on any son or daughter dutifully, but he may be bewildered by the newborn. The Archer usually becomes comfortable with youngsters once they have passed through the baby stage. As soon as the children are old enough to walk and talk, the Sagittarius dad encourages each and every visible sign of talent and skill in his kids.