Scorpio Woman Libra Man

You are apt to find men born under the sign of Libra too wrapped up in their own private dreams to be really interesting as far as love and romance are concerned. Quite often, he is a difficult person to bring back down to earth. It is hard for him to face reality at times. Although he may be very cautious about weighing both sides of an argument, he may never really come to a reasonable decision about anything.

Decision making is something that often makes the Libra man uncomfortable. He would rather leave that job to someone else. Don’t ask him why for he probably doesn’t know himself.

Qualities such as permanance and constancy are important to you in a love relationship. The Libra man may be quite a puzzle for you. One moment he comes on hard and strong with declarations of his love; the next moment you find he’s left you like yesterday’s mashed potatoes. It does no good to wonder what went wrong. Chances are nothing, really. It’s just one of Libra’s strange ways.

He is not exactly what you would call an ambitious person. You are perhaps looking for a mate or friend with more drive and fidelity. You are the sort of person who is interested in getting ahead—in making some headway in the areas that interest you. Libra is often contented just to drift along. He does have drive, however, but it’s not the long-range kind.
He’s interested in material things. He appreciates luxuries and the like, but he may not be willing to work hard enough to obtain them. Beauty and harmony interest him.

He’ll dedicate a lot of time arranging things so that they are aesthetically pleasing. It would be difficult to accuse the Libra man of being practical; nine times out of ten, he isn’t.

If you do begin a relationship with a man born under this sign, you will have to coax him now and again to face various situations in a realistic manner. You’ll have your hands full, that’s for sure. But if you love him, you’ll undoubtedly do your best to understand him—no matter how difficult this may be.

If you take up with a Libra man, either temporarily or permanently, you’d better take over the task of managing his money. Often he has little understanding of financial matters. He tends to spend without thinking, following his whims.
The Libra father is patient and fair. He can be firm without exercising undue strictness or discipline.

Although he can be a harsh judge at times, with the kids he will radiate sweetness and light in the hope that they will grow up imitating his gentle manner. In the interest of harmony, the Libra father may hide a few unpleasant facts of life from the youngsters. You will have to intervene and teach the kids about the birds and the bees, as well as the education needed to prepare them for real life.