Scorpio: Social Relationships

Scorpios often see life as one big fight. To them friends, casual acquaintances, and neighbors might become potential enemies. Often the Scorpio man or woman exhibits the iron control of a soldier. They are willing to undergo self-discipline in order to win out. They train themselves so that they are bound to be the victor if it comes to an all-out struggle, or even a minor skirmish.

Defeat is something the Scorpio man or woman cannot accept. They do their best to see to it that it never comes about. People born under this eighth sign of the Zodiac are skilled adversaries. Generally, they are gifted with brains and know how to put them to use. They can be clever and shrewd when the occasion calls for it.

Scorpios could hardly be called sensitive. Most of the time they are not terribly interested in how others might feel or react. Their nature is not a soft one. They can’t be buttered up and sugared over.

The Scorpio person generally says what he or she means. They can be quite cutting and when forced to can reduce an adversary to a pitiful state by just saying a few words. Scorpio is not the kind of person who encourages others with words of hope and best wishes. They’re too concerned with their own aims for that.

Scorpio people are deeply interested in sex. They enjoy being physically involved with the people they feel themselves attracted to. They are often given to experimentation in sex. They are curious and want to know all there is to discover. They are, by and large, intensely passionate and intensely emotional.

Life without love is difficult for them to imagine. It is important to them that their sex life is well arranged and interesting. They may spend a great deal of time getting involved sexually with all kinds of people before they are satisfied and can concentrate their attention on just one person.