Scorpio: Occupation

The Scorpio man or woman is a very industrious person.They enjoy keeping busy and always finish what they start. They do not believe in turning out slipshod work. Scorpio is a pro at whatever they do. They do not lack energy or push. They take their work seriously and want to be recognized for their deeds.
Quite often the person born under the sign of Scorpio dislikes heavy work. They would much rather leave that to someone else. They are goal-directed. It is important to achieve what they desire. In some instances, it does not matter how. When Scorpios set their minds to it—and they usually do—they can accomplish almost anything they wish.

Obstacles do not frighten Scorpio men and women. In fact, the threat of opposition seems to spur them on. Scorpio is no quitter. He or she will hang on until the bitter end. Their never-say-die attitude helps them scale heights that would frighten other people. Scorpios are confident of themselves and of the moves they make.
The Scorpio person is ambitious. They can make work even when there isn’t any—just to keep busy. Idleness tends to bore them and make them disagreeable. They are fascinated by difficult tasks. He or she enjoys figuring out ways of how to attack a project or a chore. Scorpio doesn’t always choose the easiest route—but they choose the most challenging one.
Scorpio’s intellectual ability is quite superior. There is almost no subject that would stump them. They are not afraid of learning something new and are quite capable of applying new or different trains of thought if they feel that will help them achieve their ends.

Generally speaking Scorpio people prefer to work for themselves. They don’t like to share tasks, but will if it is absolutely necessary. People who work with them are not apt to find this relationship an enjoyable one, for the Scorpio is always ready to bring about a quarrel or argument if things are not going exactly the way they like.
Often people born under this sign do extremely well in the field of medicine or science. They have a deep interest in exploration of all sorts and are willing to devote their whole lives to something that is somewhat elusive and mysterious. Scorpio has an open mind, and this helps them to succeed in the things they do. They like to make tests, to prove things through experimentation. Scorpio isn’t afraid of taking risks. He or she is always sure of himself—sure that they will come out a winner. Some people born under the sign of Scorpio make good detectives and lawyers.

The Scorpio person feels deeply whenever involved socially. They can either hate someone or love them; there is no middle of the road. They cannot afford to be indifferent. They will admire someone if that person deserves to be admired. Scorpio makes a strong leader. The people working under Scorpio may dislike him or her intensely, but they will not try to usurp authority. Scorpio won’t put up with any nonsense from subordinates and lets them know that right from the start.

In whatever Scorpio undertakes, he or she forges ahead with no thought of quitting until the goal has been reached. Their powers of concentration are amazingly strong. They seldom allow themselves to be distracted from the path they have chosen. They expect the people working under them to have the same strength and devotion to purpose they have. They can be a hard driver at times. If others are not up to their standards, they won’t waste time pampering and protecting. They will simply discard them and take on new people.

Some Scorpios have a bit of the genius in them. They are quite perceptive and often can accurately guess what someone else is thinking—particularly in a conflict situation.
People born under this sign are basically materialists. They are quite fond of money and what it can do and make no effort to disguise their interest. They are extremely power-oriented. Money seldom presents a problem to them. One way or another, they almost always come by the finances they feel they need or deserve. They are fond of luxuries as well, of course. They are sometimes deeply involved in such power games as keeping up with the Joneses. In most instances the Joneses wind up trying to keep up with them.

Scorpios are careful in the way they handle their finances. They do not believe in waste, although at times they are given to being extravagant. When they are wealthy, they can become a show-off about it. They can easily detect a false friend—someone who associates with them for the gain likely to be derived from the relationship.

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