Scorpio Man Scorpio Woman

The Scorpio woman can be a whirlwind of passion, but never too much passion to suit the Scorpio man. As long as your timing together is right, you won’t have to worry about satisfying each other. It is when a love affair between you gets out of the bedroom and into the boardroom that the trouble can start.

She may not see eye-to-eye with you on a multitude of matters, ranging from the most monumental issue to the most minor one. But try never to cross her on even the most trivial thing. When it comes to revenge, she’s an eye-for-an-eye woman—as you well know.

The Scorpio woman may have less control over her temper than you do. And her moods will baffle even you, with your own tendency to go to extremes. She can be as hot as a tamale one minute, then cool as a cucumber the next. And you know her moods are for real, so you better cater to them if you want the affair to last.

Life with the Scorpio woman will be a challenge. When prompted, she can unleash a gale of venom. Generally, she’ll have the good grace to keep family battles within the walls of your home. When company visits, she’s apt to give the impression that married life with you is one great big joyride. It’s just one of her ways of expressing her loyalty to you—at least in front of others. She may fight you tooth and nail in the confines of home, but during an evening out, she’ll hang onto your arm and have stars in her eyes.

The Scorpio woman is sultry and seductive. Her femme fatale charm can pierce the hardest of hearts like a laser beam. She may not look like Mata Hari, but she possesses all the allure and tradecraft of the perfect secret agent—the successful spy who will uncover all your private desires while never revealing any of her own.
Scorpio women are adept at keeping secrets. She may even keep a few buried from you while she is cleverly unearthing facts of your life that you thought were carefully hidden.

You are well advised not to give your Scorpio mate any cause to be jealous. When she sees green, your life will be made far from rosy. She’s not keen on forgiving and forgetting—especially if she feels she’s been wronged unfairly.
You may find life with a Scorpio woman one explosive scene after another. On the other hand, once the two of you understand and respect each other’s deep swirling undercurrents, you can get along very nicely and lovingly.

When you both decide to spend the rest of your natural days with each other, you can be flexible and mutually helpful. You can take the highs with the lows, the rough with the smooth, the calm with the storm. Your Scorpio woman can be a demon, but she also can be a heavenly angel when she ministers to your care.

Although the Scorpio mother loves her children, she will not put them on a pedestal. She is devoted to developing her youngsters’ talents. The Scorpio mother is protective yet encouraging. The op-posites within her nature mirror the contradictions within life itself. Under her skillful guidance, the children will learn how to cope with extremes and will grow up to become well-rounded individuals. She will teach her young ones to be courageous and steadfast.