Scorpio Man Cancer Woman

The woman born under Cancer needs to be protected from the cold, cruel world. She’ll love you for your masculine yet gentle manner; you make her feel safe and secure.

You don’t have to pull any he-man or heroic stunts to win her heart; that’s not what interests her. She’s more likely to be impressed by your sure, steady ways—that way you have of putting your arm around her and making her feel that she’s the only one in the world. When she’s feeling glum and tears begin to well up in her eyes, you have that knack of saying just the right thing—you know how to calm her fears, no matter how silly some of them may seem.

The Cancer female is inclined to have her ups and downs. You have that talent for smoothing out the ruffles in her sea of life. She’ll most likely worship the ground you walk on or put you on a terribly high pedestal. Don’t disappoint her if you can help it. She’ll never disappoint you.

Your Cancer mate will take great pleasure in devoting the rest of her natural life to you. She’ll darn your socks, mend your overalls, scrub floors, wash windows, shop, cook, and do just about anything short of murder in order to please you and to let you know that she loves you. Sounds like that legendary good old-fashioned girl, doesn’t it? Contrary to popular belief, there are still a good number of them around—and many of them are Cancer people.

There’s one thing you should be warned about: never be unkind to your mother-in-law. It will be the only golden rule your Cancer wife will probably expect you to live up to. No mother-in-law jokes in the presence of your wife, please. With her, they’ll go over like a lead balloon.

Mother is something special for her. She may be the crankiest and nosiest relative in the whole clan. Still, she’s your wife’s mother, so you’d better treat her like she’s one of the landed gentry. Sometimes this may be difficult to swallow, but if you want to keep your home together and your wife happy, you’d better learn to grin and bear it.

Treat your Cancer wife like a queen and she’ll treat you royally. Of all the signs of the Zodiac, the women under the Cancer sign are the most maternal. In caring for and bringing up children, they know just how to combine the right amount of tenderness with the proper dash of discipline. A child couldn’t ask for a better mother. Cancer women are sympathetic, affectionate, and patient with their children.