Scorpio Man Aries Woman

Although Scorpio and Aries are kin, you both come from different sides of the family ruled by planet Mars. Both of you are ambitious and bossy. But the Aries way lacks foresight and calculation, so important to the steel-willed Scorpio.
Aries can become a little impatient with people who are more thorough and deliberate than they are—especially if they feel they’re taking too much time.

The Aries woman is a fast worker. Sometimes she’s so fast she forgets to look where she’s going. When she stumbles or falls, it would be nice if you were there to catch her.

Aries are proud women. They don’t like to be criticized when they err. Tongue lashings can turn them into blocks of ice. Don’t begin to think that the Aries woman frequently gets tripped up in her plans. Quite often they are capable of taking aim and hitting the bull’s-eye. You’ll be flabbergasted at times by their accuracy. On the other hand, you’re apt to spot a flaw in the Aries woman’s plans before she does.

You are more thoughtful and deliberate than the Aries in attaining your goals. You do not want to make mistakes along the way. You’re almost always well prepared.

The Aries woman is sensitive. She likes to be handled with gentleness and respect. Let her know that you love her for her brains as well as for her good looks. Never give her cause to become jealous. Handle her with tender love and care, and she’s yours.

The Aries woman can be giving if she feels her partner is deserving. She is no iceberg; she responds to the proper masculine flame. She needs a man she can look up to and feel proud of. If the shoe fits, put it on. If not, quietly tiptoe out of her sight. She can cause you plenty of heartache if you’ve made up your mind about her but she hasn’t made up hers about you. Aries women are at times very demanding. Some of them tend to be high-strung. They can be difficult if they feel their independence is being hampered.

The cultivated Aries woman makes a wonderful homemaker and hostess. You’ll find she’s very clever in decorating and using color. Your house will be tastefully furnished; she’ll see to it that it radiates harmony. The Aries wife knows how to make guests feel at home.

Although the Aries woman may not be keen on burdensome responsibilities, she is fond of children and the joy they bring. She is skilled at juggling both career and motherhood, so her kids will never feel that she is an absentee parent. In fact, as the youngsters grow older, they might want a little more of the liberation that is so important to her.