Scorpio: Love and Marriage


Richard Burton was Scorpio.

Scorpio can be quite a flirt. They may have quite a number of affairs before they think about settling down. In every romantic adventure they are quite sincere. They do not believe in being false or untrue when involved with someone. However, their interest may dissolve after they feel they have discovered everything there is to find out about a particular person. Scorpios are not interested in light romances. They mean business when it comes to love. They expect a lover to be honest and loyal.

Scorpio is in need of someone who is as passionate and understanding as they are. Their romances may be somewhat violent at times. An element of struggle and emotional drama may be quite definite. In fact, it is this quality that will perhaps keep Scorpio’s interest alive in a love affair. They like to be admired and complimented by their partner. They hate criticism and may become difficult if a lover finds fault.

Scorpio does what he or she can to make a loved one comfortable and happy. They can be generous when in love and never without a gift or some token of their affection. They like to impress a loved one with a show of luxury. Often Scorpio’s gifts are quite expensive.

It is important to Scorpios that the object of their affections be true during the relationship. They can be very jealous and possessive. If Scorpio suspects deceit, they can be violent.
The best partner for a Scorpio is one who can balance the Scorpio temperament—someone who does not mind being agreeable and supportive, someone who does not mind letting him or her make all of the decisions both large and small. A quiet, retiring sort of person sometimes makes the ideal mate for the man or woman born under Scorpio. Two Scorpios often clash. However, if they are cultivated and understand themselves well, they can go far together—helping each other out in various ways.

When the Scorpio man or woman sets their sights on someone, they generally succeed. They can be quite adversarial when dealing with someone who tries to stand between them and a loved one. Scorpios will do everything in their power to win the person who interests them. Some Scorpios will stop at nothing in order to eliminate competition and rivalry. Other Scorpios are jealous and suspicious when they really have no cause to be.
In married life, Scorpios seldom give themselves completely— even though they may expect this of a partner. There is always a corner, a secret side, that Scorpio protects. By nature, Scorpio men and women relish secrecy.

Scorpios are usually faithful, so a partner should not worry about the secrets or even absences from home and hearth. If home life is dull, Scorpio will not spend too much time there. There will be outside business or creative interests to keep them occupied.
Scorpio marries for keeps. They will not run to get a divorce or separation as soon as something goes wrong. Marriage is the most treasured bond in the world for a Scorpio. So they are willing to do whatever it takes to keep the relationship alive and fruitful.