Scorpio: Home and Family

In general, Scorpio men and women are not terribly interested in an intense domestic life. They do not like to feel tied down by home and family. However, they are adaptable and will be willing to sacrifice certain freedoms for the comforts and conveniences a home life can provide. Routine, though, bores them and can put them in a bad mood. They enjoy a home life that has a surprise in it now and again. Day-in day-out monotony is something Scorpio refuses to tolerate.
Scorpio individuals are as efficient and forceful in their home-making as they are in other things. They see to it that everything runs well. The home may be glamorous in an ostentatious way. Scorpio is fond of a show of luxury. Their taste in furnishings is likely to be somewhat outspoken—at the very least, modern and daring. It may offend someone who has old-fashioned or traditional notions about decor.
Scorpio men and women are proud of their home, their possessions, and their loved ones. The family is geared to supporting the recreational and creative interests and studies of the Scorpio parent. Keeping the home attractive and luxurious is a full-time activity for many Scorpios. They are interested in having the latest appliances and the best trademark.
The Scorpio man likes to rule his own roost. His mate had better not try to take the head position. He wears the pants in the family and is apt to make that unmistakably clear before the marriage has taken place. All of the major decisions must be made by him. He’ll listen to another’s point of view, but will hardly take it into consideration when making up his mind.
Luxury helps the Scorpio man or woman to feel successful. It has definite psychological influence. The Scorpio in shabby surroundings is apt to be quite difficult to get along with. A show of affluence brightens their spirits and helps them to feel that they are on the right road.
The Scorpio person is often fond of large families. The Scorpio man may not be as responsible as he should be in caring for them. Quite often he is a strict parent and tolerates no misbehavior from his children. The children may resent his iron hand, especially when they are young. But as they reach adulthood they are likely to be thankful for his firmness. The Scorpio woman is concerned with instilling strong values in her children that will help them to go far in the battlefield of life. She can be quite a disciplinarian. Some Scorpio parents, both men and women, are quite possessive of their children.
Scorpios as children are often very affectionate. As a rule, they are sensitive children and should be handled in a considerate and loving way. Emotionally, they may not be as strong as children born under other signs. The observant and sensitive parent should have no trouble in bringing a youngster up in such a way that he or she is able to develop a personality along natural lines as they grow into the stage of independence.
At times the Scorpio child may be difficult to manage. They may be delinquent at times and cause some trouble at school. In spite of this, they are apt to show strong creative or artistic talent during the growing-up period. The wise parent or guardian will do everything to foster this interest in such a way that it develops along satisfactory lines.