Saturn in Gemini

The sign Gemini is altogether too airy to harmonize entirely with Saturn; the only quality in common is the intellectuality. But the intellectuality of Gemini is inspirational, rather like a child’s; while that of Saturn is the wisdom of age and experience. When both sign and planet are dignified, the combination is superb. In any case, however, the native is out of the region of patient effort and struggle ; with Saturn in Gemini the character of the action is removed to the mental plane. A great example is that of Jesus of Nazareth, who had Saturn in the ninth house, that of religion, with a trine from Jupiter rising. Saturn, thus culminating, is by far the most powerful planet in the figure, and accordingly rules the horoscope, especially as Venus, Lady of the Ascendant, makes very nearly a trine to both Saturn and Jupiter. This triple trine describes very accurately the teachings recorded as having been actually given out by Jesus Himself. With this chart may be compared that of Dante, with only a trine of the Moon to assist Saturn, which is in the Ascendant. No aspect from Jupiter or Venus mitigates the temperament of the mind, with its trend toward melancholy ; he found solace only in dreams. However, this trine is sufficient to strengthen the character and make it patient in its afflictions ; the scholarship and labor involved in his “Divine Comedy,” begun and completed while he ate the bitter bread of exile, are hardly to be conceived, still less appreciated, in an age like the present. Another very great man with this position, equally sombre, is Albrecht Diirer, whose “Melancholia” inspired James Thomson to one of the greatest masterpieces of literature, “The City of Dreadful Night.” Diirer is one of the most austere and pure draughtsmen that ever took pencil in hand ; but the Sun and Mercury being in conjunction with Saturn in the tenth house, the point of view is broader and there is in him less pure melancholy than in Dante. Sometimes Saturn may quite overpower Gemini, and give merely a stubborn mind. Such is the case with “Oom Paul55 Krager, whose Saturn, being squared by the Moon, has no trace of idealism. The trine of the Sun adds great moral strength and pertinacity, and it may be that the 150 degrees of Uranus helps to confer great shrewdness. In any case there is no great strength in Mercury, tied up in the twelfth, so that Gemini is only evidenced by the childlike innocence with which he was wont to mask his astuteness, and by the fact that the action of his Saturn took effect in the fields of diplomacy. Stubborn, too, was George III, and lost America by his mulishness. Here Venus and Neptune are both conjoined with the leaden planet, a very unfortunate combination, making his temperament eccentric and unaccountable, and turning persistence into obstinacy, and moral force into pig-headedness. Mercury, too, is conjoined, or the result should have been even more disastrous ; he might have lost his throne ; as it was, he lost his reason. The case of Oscar Wilde is very unfortunate. Here Saturn in the Mid-heaven is squared by Neptune ; the moral character is ruined by eccentricity. With all his splendid qualities given by the trine of the Sun, he was doomed to catastrophe. Nell Gwyn and Lily Langtry had very similar careers in that each enjoyed the friendship and confidence of a king. In both cases Saturn is strong; Nell Gwyn has the trine of the Sun and the opposition of Uranus and Neptune, and Lily Langtry’s Saturn is elevated, opposed by Venus in Scorpio and squared by Neptune and the Moon from the fifth house. The cases are interesting as showing purpose and resolute ambition working with Neptunian cleverness to attain their ambition, Saturn in Gemini in many cases indicates trouble or hardships in the early life, such being often connected with the education or literary work. It naturally follows from the nature of the planet and sign that such success as is gained should come through intellectual matters. Unless well aspected the intellect is likely to be rather hard, with some bitterness or cynicism, and at times a lack of candor.

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