Sagittarius Social Relationships

Sagittarius enjoys having people around. It is not difficult for them to make friends. They are very sociable by nature. Most of the friends they make they keep for life.
Sagittarius men and women are broad-minded, so they have all sorts of pals and casual acquaintances. They appreciate people for their good qualities, however few a person might have. Sagittarius are not quick to judge and are usually very forgiving. They are not impressed by what a friend has in the way of material goods.
Sagittarius men and women are generally quite popular. They are much in demand socially. People like their easy disposition and good humor. Their friendship is valued by others. Quite often in spite of their chumminess, Sagittarius is rather serious. Light conversation may be somewhat difficult for them.
Sagittarius men and women believe in speaking their minds, in saying what they feel. Yet at times, they can appear quiet and retiring. It all depends on their mood. Some people feel that there are two sides to the Sagittarius personality. This characteristic is reflected in the zodiacal symbol for the sign—a double symbol: the hunter and the horse intertwined, denoting two different natures.
It may be difficult for some people to get to know a Sagittarius man or woman. In some instances Sagittarius employ silence as a sort of protection/When people pierce through, however, and will not leave him or her in peace, Sagittarius can become quite angry.
On the whole, Sagittarius is kind and considerate. Their nature is gentle and unassuming. With the wrong person, though, they can become somewhat disagreeable. They do become angry, but they cool down quickly and are willing to let bygones be bygones. Sagittarius individuals never hold a grudge against anyone.
Companionship and harmony in all social relationships is necessary for Sagittarius. They are willing to make some sacrifices for it. Any partner, friend, or mate must be a good listener. There are times when Sagittarius feel it necessary to pour their hearts out. They are willing to listen to someone’s problems and want the same considerate treatment in return.
A partner, friend, or lover should also be able to take an interest in any hobbies, pastimes, or sports a Sagittarius wants to pursue. If not, Sagittarius men and women will be tempted to go their own way even more so than their nature dictates.
Sagittarius individuals do not beat around the bush. They do say what they mean. Being direct is one of their strongest qualities. Sometimes it pays off, sometimes it doesn’t. They often forget that the one they love may be very sensitive and can take offhand remarks personally.
Sagittarius has a tendency to be too blunt and to reveal secrets, innocently or otherwise, that hurt people’s feelings. A friend or partner may not be able to overlook this flaw or may not be able to correct it either in a subtle or direct way. When making jokes or casual comments, Sagittarius sometimes strikes a sensitive chord in a companion, which can result in a serious misunderstanding.
But the cultivated Sagittarius learns the boundaries of social behavior. They know when not to go too far. Understanding a partner’s viewpoint is the first step toward assuring a good relationship down the road.