Sagittarius Occupation

Sagittarius is someone who can be relied upon in a work situation. They are loyal and dependable. They are energetic workers, anxious to please superiors. They are forward-looking by nature and enjoy working in modern surroundings and toward progressive goals.
Challenges do not frighten Sagittarius. They are flexible and can work in confining situations even though they may not enjoy it. Work that gives them a chance to move around and meet new people is well suited to their character. If they have to stay in one locale, they become sad and ill-humored. They can take orders but they would rather be in a situation where they do not have to. They are difficult to please at times, and may hop from job to job before feeling that it is really time to settle down. Sagittarius do their best work when they are allowed to work on their own.
Sagittarius individuals are interested in expressing themselves in the work they do. If they occupy a position that does not allow them to be creative, they will seek outside activities. Such hobbies or pastimes give them a chance to develop and broaden their talents.
Some Sagittarius do well in the field of journalism. Others make good teachers and public speakers. They are generally quite flexible and would do well in many different positions. Some excel as foreign ministers or in music. Others do well in government work or in publishing.
Men and women born under this ninth sign are often more intelligent than the average person. The cultivated Sagittarius knows how to employ intellectual gifts to their best advantage. In politics and religion, Sagittarius often displays brilliance.
The Sagittarius man or woman is pleasant to work with. They are considerate of colleagues and would do nothing that might upset the working relationship. Because they are so self-reliant, they often inspire teammates. Sagittarius likes to work with detail. Their ideas are both practical and idealistic. Sagittarius is curious by nature and is always looking for ways of expanding their knowledge.
Sagittarius are almost always generous. They rarely refuse someone in need, but are always willing to share what they have. Whether they are up or down, Sagittarius can always be relied upon to help someone in dire straits. Their attitude toward life may be happy-go-lucky in general. They are difficult to depress no matter what the situation. They are optimistic and forward-looking. Money always seems to fall into their hands.
The average Sagittarius is interested in expansion and promotion. Sometimes these concerns weaken their projects rather than strengthen them. Also, the average Sagittarius is more interested in contentment and joy than in material gain. However, they will do their best to make the most of any profit that comes their way.
When Sagittarius does get hooked on a venture, he or she is often willing to take risks to secure a profit. In the long run they are successful. They have a flair for carrying off business deals. It is the cultivated Sagittarius who prepares in advance for any business contingency. In that way he or she can bring knowledge and experience to bear on their professional and financial interests.