Sagittarius Love and Marriage

Sagittarius individuals are faithful to their loved ones. They are affectionate and not at all possessive. Love is important for them spiritually as well as physically. For some Sagittarius, romance is a chance to escape reality—a chance for adventure.
Quite often a mate or lover finds it difficult to keep up with Sagittarius—they are so active and energetic. When Sagittarius men and women fall in love, however, they are quite easy to handle.
Sagittarius do like having freedom. They will make concessions in a steady relationship. Still there will be a part of themselves that they keep from others. He or she is very intent on preserving their individual rights, no matter what sort of relationship they are engaged in. Sagittarius ideals are generally high, and they are important. Sagittarius is looking for someone with similar standards, not someone too lax or too conventional.
In love, Sagittarius men and women may be a bit childlike at times. As a result of this they are apt to encounter various disappointments before they find the one meant for them. At times he or she says things they really shouldn’t, and this causes the end of a romantic relationship.
Men and women born under this sign may have many love affairs before they feel ready to settle down with just one person. If the person they love does not exactly measure up to their standards, they are apt to overlook this—depending on how strong their love is—and accept the person for what that person is.
On the whole, Sagittarius men and women are not envious. They are willing to allow a partner needed freedoms—within reason. Sagittarius does this so they will not have to jeopardize their own liberties. Live and let live could easily be their motto. If their ideals and freedom are threatened, Sagittarius fights hard to protect what they believe is just and fair.
They do not want to make any mistakes in love, so they take their time when choosing someone to settle down with. They are direct and positive when they meet the right one. They do not waste time.
The average Sagittarius may be a bit altar-shy. It may take a bit of convincing before Sagittarius agree that married life is right for them. This is generally because they do not want to lose their freedom. Sagittarius is an active person who enjoys being around a lot of other people. Sitting quietly at home does not interest them at all. At times it may seem that he or she wants to have things their own way, even in marriage. It may take some doing to get Sagittarius to realize that in marriage, as in other things, give-and-take plays a great role.