Sagittarius Home and Family

Not all Sagittarius are very interested in home life. Many of them set great store in being mobile. Their activities outside the home may attract them more than those inside the home. Not exactly homebodies, Sagittarius, however, can adjust themselves to a stable domestic life if they put their minds to it.
People born under this sign are not keen on luxuries and other displays of wealth. They prefer the simple things. Anyone entering their home should be able to discern this. They are generally neat. They like a place that has plenty of spaceā€”not too cluttered with imposing furniture.
Even when they settle down, Sagittarius men and women like to keep a small corner of their life just for themselves. Independence is important to them. If necessary, they will insist upon it, no matter what the situation. They like a certain amount of beauty in the home, but they may not be too interested in keeping things looking nice. Their interests lead them elsewhere. Housekeeping may bore them to distraction. When forced to stick to a domestic routine, they can become somewhat disagreeable.
Children bring Sagittarius men and women a great deal of happiness. They are fond of family life. Friends generally drop in any old time to visit for they know they will always be welcomed and properly entertained. The Archer’s love for their fellow man is well known.
The Sagittarius parent may be bewildered at first by a newborn baby. They may worry about holding such a tiny tot for fear of injuring the little one. Although some Sagittarius may be clumsy, they do have a natural touch with small children and should not worry about handling them properly. As soon as the infant begins to grow up and develop a definite personality, Sagittarius can relax and relate. There is always a strong tie between children and the Sagittarius parent.
Children are especially drawn to Sagittarius because they seem to understand them better than other adults.
One is apt to find children born under this sign a little restless and disorganized at times. They are usually quite independent in their ways and may ask for quite a bit of freedom while still young. They don’t like being fussed over by adults. They like to feel that their parents believe in them and trust them on their own.