Sagittarius health

Often people born under the sign of Sagittarius are quite athletic. They are healthy-looking—quite striking in a robust way. Often they are rather tall and well-built. They are enthusiastic people and like being active or involved. Exercise and sports may interest them a great deal. Sagittarius cannot stand not being active. They have to be on the go. As they grow older, they seem to increase in strength and physical ability. At times they may have worries, but they never allow them to affect humor or health.
It is important to Sagittarius men and women to remain physically sound. They are usually very physically fit, but their nervous system may be somewhat sensitive. Too much activity—even while they find action attractive—may put a severe strain on them after a time. The Archer should try to concentrate their energies on as few objects as possible. However, usually they have many projects scattered here and there, and can be easily exhausted.
At times, illnesses fall upon the Archer suddenly or strangely. Some Sagittarius are accident-prone. They are not afraid of taking risks and as a result are sometimes careless in the way they do things. Injuries often come to them by way of sports or other vigorous activities.
Sometimes men and women of this sign try to ignore signs of illness—especially if they are engaged in some activity that has captured their interest. This results in a severe setback at times.
In later life, Sagittarius sometimes suffers from stomach disorders. High blood pressure is another ailment that might affect them. They should also be on guard for signs of arthritis and sciatica. In spite of these possible dangers, the average Sagittarius manages to stay quite youthful and alert through their many interests and pastimes.