Sagittarius Character Analysis

People born under Sagittarius sign are quite often self-reliant and intelligent. Generally, they are quite philosophical in their outlook on life. They know how to make practical use of their imagination.
There is seldom anything narrow about a Sagittarius man or woman. He or she is generally very tolerant and considerate. They would never consciously do anything that would hurt another’s feelings. They are gifted with a good sense of humor and believe in being honest in relationships with others. At times Sagittarius is a little short of tact. They are so intent on telling the truth that sometimes they can be blunt.
Nevertheless, Sagittarius men and women mean well, and people who enjoy a relationship with them are often willing to overlook this flaw. Sagittarius may even tell people true things about themselves that they do not wish to hear. At times this can cause a strain in the relationship. Sagittarius often wishes that others were as forthright and honest as he or she is—no matter what the consequences.
Sagittarius men and women are positive and optimistic and love life. They often help others to snap out of an ill mood. Their joie de vivre is often infectious. People enjoy being around Sagittarius because they are almost always in a good mood.
Quite often people born under the sign of Sagittarius are fond of the outdoors. They enjoy sporting events and often excel in them. Like the Archer, the zodiacal symbol of the sign, Sagittarius men and women are fond of animals, especially horses and dogs.
Generally, the Archer is healthy—in mind and in body. They have pluck. They enjoy the simple things of life. Fresh air and good comradeship are important to them. On the other hand, they are fond of developing their minds. Many Sagittarius cannot read or study enough. They like to keep abreast of things. They are interested in theater and the arts in general. Some of them are quite religious. Some choose a religious life.
Because they are outgoing for the most part, they sometimes come in touch with situations that others are never confronted with. In the long run this tends to make their life experiences quite rich and varied. They are well-balanced. They like to be active. And they enjoy using their intellects.
It is important to the person born under this sign that justice prevails. They dislike seeing anyone treated unfairly. If Sagittarius feels that the old laws are out of date or unrealistic, he or she will fight to have them changed. At times they can be true rebels. It is important to the Archer that law is carried out impartially. In matters of law, they often excel.
Sagittarius are almost always fond of travel. It seems to be imbedded in their natures.. At times, they feel impelled to get away from familiar surroundings and people. Faraway places have a magical attraction for someone born under this sign. They enjoy reading about foreign lands and strange customs.
Many people who are Sagittarius are not terribly fond of living in big cities; they prefer the quiet and greenery of the countryside. Of all the signs of the Zodiac the sign of Sagittarius is closest to mother nature. They can usually build a trusting relationship with animals. They respect wildlife in all its forms.
Sagittarius is quite clever in conversation. He or she has a definite way with words. They like a good argument. They know how to phrase things exactly. Their sense of humor often has a cheerful effect on their manner of speech. They are seldom without a joke.
At times, the Sagittarius wit is apt to hurt someone’s feelings, but this is never intentional. A slip of the tongue sometimes gets the Archer into social difficulties. As a result, there can be argumentative and angry scenes. But Sagittarius men and women cool down quickly. They are not given to holding grudges. They are willing to forgive and forget.
On the whole, Sagittarius is good-natured and fun-loving. They find it easy to take up with all sorts of people. In most cases, their social circle is large. People enjoy their company and their parties. Many friends share the Sagittarius interest in the outdoor life as well as intellectual pursuits.
Sagittarius sometimes can be impulsive. They are not afraid of risk. On the contrary, they can be foolhardy in the way they court danger. But Sagittarius men and women are very sporting in all they that do. If they should wind up the loser, they will not waste time grieving about it. They are fairly optimistic—they believe in good luck.