Rooster 2019

Couple and Affective Bonds

The year of the Horse has a positive influence on the relationships of Roosters. Within the couple, stress will be relieved, and desire and seduction will come back. Fun times will make this sign feel more relaxed and be less critical of his partner; this will help them pick up postponed projects.
Social acknowledgement and family harmony will come together with the year of the Horse. Relationships will flow in spontaneous harmony, but Roosters must not lower their guard. They must watch those who keep silence, as the latter may be either conspiring or just needing some more attention.


Prosperity will flow due to a strong internal balance Roosters have been working on from some time now. With the Horse, an expansive wave will come along; Roosters will be ready to move forward at a time when other people are just feeling disoriented. Valor and confidence will let them take on new responsibilities and handle themselves with ease in competitive environments. Roosters will get good rewards, and receive both social acknowledgement and material well-being. Should envy arise, they must let it go by and not hold grudges against anyone.


Roosters are very vital and active, impulsive and determined. Therefore, complaining in the first sign of tiredness is just not their style. But this has a setback: they will wait to the very last moment to listen to their bodies. Generally speaking, they tend to hide their health problems, but are prone to gastrointestinal and liver ailments; intoxications, appendicitis, and diseases of dubious origin. Most of the times, health deterioration is displayed by means of a vague lowering of vital energy and pain in the joints. Roosters have great willpower and procure a prompt healing. People born under this sign do not carry grudges; they show off anger with loud yelling and soon after behave as if nothing happened.

Quality of Life

In the year 2019, Roosters will count on physical vitality and spiritual integrity to take on major changes and responsibilities. Nevertheless, they must not neglect the nutrition habits they have been using for a long time. Singing, collecting, music, and group therapies will help them go through this successful stage; during this time, they must remain calm and unaffected by the environment. Sharing with true affections and living in a safe and cozy home will provide them the necessary protection against negative energies. In the home, gem ornaments (amethyst, rhodochrosite, lapis lazuli, etc.), wooden scents, plants, and white and metallic colors —as well as camel and yellow— are good for their environment.