Rooster 2017

The Year of the Rooster starts on 28 February and will be a significant one for the Rooster. In his own year he will feel more in control of his situation and better able to proceed with his plans. As a result, he will reap some well-deserved rewards. This is very much a year when his organized and determined approach will pay off.
For those Roosters who start the year concerned about their present situation, this can mark an important turning-point. As their own year starts, these Roosters should draw a firm line under the past and regard this as a time to move forward. The Rooster knows he has many fine talents and he should resolve to make something of his own year.
One area which is especially promising is work and those Roosters who are keen to advance their career should actively pursue any opportunities they see. With their experience and reputation, many will find themselves strong candidates for promotion.
Those who feel it would be useful to broaden their experience in other areas, would welcome a change or are seeking work will also find this is a year for taking the initiative.
By making enquiries and pursuing opportunities, they will often be rewarded with a position which will give their career a welcome boost. For work opportunities, the months from March to May and August and November are especially favourable, but with the aspects as they are, interesting developments could happen at almost any time.
The progress the Rooster makes in his work will also lead to a rise in income. The Rooster’s earning abilities will certainly be in good form over the year. Some Roosters may even be able to supplement their earnings with some additional work or by putting a skill they have to profitable use. However, while the Rooster can look forward to an improvement in his financial situation, he would do well to monitor his outgoings. Without care, these could quickly mount up, with his money not always being put to the best possible use.
The Rooster would do well to keep a watchful eye over his purse strings (some Roosters are notorious spendthrifts) and set money aside for specific requirements. The more control he has over his situation, the better.
Over the year the Rooster’s personal interests will bring him pleasure and he should look to extend these in some way, possibly by setting himself a new project or challenge, enrolling on a course or joining other enthusiasts. With his keen and curious nature, he will find his interests very satisfying as well as providing a balance to his other activities.
As far as the Rooster’s domestic life is concerned, this will be an active year. There will often be a great deal to plan and think about as well as organize, with all the various schedules of everyone in the household. The Rooster’s ability to oversee a great deal will stand him in good stead during the year and he will do much to ensure that his home life runs smoothly.
Also, he will be effective in bringing everyone together, and whether discussing events, making arrangements or suggesting family activities, his input will be both considerable and appreciated.
The Rooster will also value his rapport with his loved ones and whenever he has any concerns, feels under pressure or would like additional help, he should be open and ask. He does so much for others and he must not deny them the chance to reciprocate. Domestically, this will be an active but potentially rewarding year.
This will also be a promising year for social matters, although how the Rooster fares will be very much in his own hands. With everything else that is going on, some Roosters will choose to keep their social life low-key this year. Being selective in the social events they attend will, however, often mean that they will appreciate them all the more.
For those Roosters who choose to enjoy more social activity, the Rooster year can again go well, with April and the months from July to September offering many opportunities to go out. For the lonely and unattached, the year can also move in fortuitous ways, with a chance meeting leading to an important new friendship. Some Roosters will even meet their future partner during the year. The prospects for the Rooster in his own year are promising and this can be a special and significant time.
Overall, the Rooster’s own year is a time of growth and by using his talents well and making the most of the chances
that arise, he will enjoy himself as well as succeed in a great deal. For the Rooster, his own year is one of the best.

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