Rooster 2016

The Year of the Monkey starts on 8 February and will be a variable one for the Rooster. The Monkey year is often characterized by activity and while the Rooster is not averse to this, he does like to plan and be in control of his situation. In the Monkey year he will not always be comfortable with the speed with which events take place or decisions have to be made. There will be trying moments for him, but the year will not be without its more positive side too.
In his work the Rooster can look forward to building on his recent progress and making headway. However, throughout the year, he will need to tread warily. Changes are likely to be afoot in his place of work. New procedures could suddenly be introduced or the Rooster could be asked to take on other responsibilities. Although he may have misgivings about some of these, he should be prepared to show some flexibility. If not, he could undermine his position and lose out on possible opportunities.
Also, the Rooster will find some of the opportunities or proposals put to him will arise with little warning and while he may appreciate more time to reflect on his posi-tion, he should not be dilatory in making a response. To do so could again lessen his prospects. Similarly, if he sees an opening which particularly appeals to him, he should act quickly. This especially applies to those Roosters seeking work or eager to move on from their present position. As the Rooster will discover, things happen quickly in the Monkey year, and he must accept this.
The months of March, May, September and October in particular could see change and opportunity, but throughout 2016 the Rooster should remain alert to all that is happening at work as well as be aware of proposals that are under consideration.
Another important aspect of the year will be the way it allows the Rooster to extend his experience. This includes learning new skills through carrying out his duties as well as through any training he goes on. In many cases, what he learns now will help his prospects in the future. Roosters who may have been seeking work for some time should also take advantage of any training they are eligible for, as they could find a new skill opening up other possibilities for them.
As far as financial matters are concerned, this will be a reasonable year for the Rooster. However, with his many obligations, he does need to proceed carefully and would find it helpful to set funds aside for known expenses as well as saving towards holidays and other items he has in mind. By controlling his finances he will find he is able to cope better, often do more and sometimes avoid frittering money away needlessly. There are, after all, some Roosters who are notorious spendthrifts and a certain discipline would not come amiss!
Another area which requires care concerns the Rooster’s relations with others. Although both his domestic and social life promise some splendid times, certain incidents could cause problems. Often these may start in a relatively minor way, but unless they are handled tactfully, there is a risk that they could escalate and lead to some awkward situations. If the Rooster does detect tensions brewing, he should try to address these as quickly as he can and, if necessary, show a greater flexibility in certain matters. A factor which may not always help is the busy lifestyle the Rooster may lead.
Tiredness could quickly lead to him becoming tetchy and irritable, and if at any time he does feel tired or has concerns, he should talk to others about how he feels. Not only will they be more aware of his situation, but they could also help more as a result, perhaps by doing extra tasks around the home. In 2016 the Rooster should not forget that those around him are willing to help, but he does need to be forthcoming.
However, despite the tricky aspects, there will be much in the Rooster’s domestic life which will bring him pleasure. This includes carrying out projects to enhance the home or garden, pursuing shared interests and arranging family occasions everyone can enjoy. The Rooster’s ability to come up with ideas for activities will be appreciated, and spending quality time with those dear to him will mean a lot to everyone.
Although the Rooster will have a lot to keep him busy, it is also important he does not neglect either his social life or personal interests.
As well as enjoying himself, he will benefit from the chance to relax and unwind. And for the unattached and those who may be desiring more company, the Monkey year can mark the start of a significant new relationship. May, July, November and December could all see much social activity.
Although the Year of the Monkey will contain its tricky moments and require the Rooster to show some flexibility in approach, it will not be without its pleasures or successes. Both the Rooster’s family and his social life will bring some rewarding times, while work-wise the progress he makes will prove important and stand him in excellent stead for his own year that follows.

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