Romance and the Virgo Woman

The Virgo woman is often a serious person. She knows what she wants out of life and what to expect from people. She is discriminating discriminating in her choice of men. It may take considerable time before she will admit to herself that she is in love. She is not afraid to wait in matters of romance; it is important to her that she select the right person. She may be more easily attracted to an intelligent man than to a handsome one. She values intellect more than physical attributes.
It is important for the Virgo woman to trust someone before she falls in love with him. She will allow a relationship to develop into a love affair only after she has gotten to know the man well on strictly a companionship basis at first.
The Virgo woman is reputed to be prim and proper about sex. But this description does not tell the whole story, or even the right story. In fact, Virgo can exhibit extremes in sexual attitudes and behavior. It is an age-old dilemma, contrast, contradiction—call it what you will—between the madonna and the hooker. There is Virgo the Virgin, whose purity is renowned and whose frigidity is assumed. Then there is Virgo the Harvester, whose promiscuity is whispered and whose fruitfulness is celebrated.
Indeed, the difference between an old-fashioned Virgo and a liberated Virgo are remarkable but very hard to discern in the beginning of an affair. One thing is sure, though. Cheat on your Virgo woman, and you can kiss the relationship good-bye. That is, unless you have discussed the possibility of having an open relationship— on both sides and managed in good taste. Remember, no matter what her sexual proclivities are, the Virgo woman cannot stand vulgarity in any form.
The Virgo woman generally makes a good wife. She knows how to keep the household shipshape. She likes looking after people she loves. She is efficient and industrious. There is almost nothing she will not do for the man she loves. She is capable of deep affection and love, but must be allowed to express herself in her own way.
As a mother, she is ideal. She teaches all her youngsters to be polite and well-mannered, and constantly worries about their health and welfare. Fearing all manner of mishaps, injuries, illnesses, and minor ailments, the Virgo mother may tend to restrict the kids’ freedom at play and in school. However, she always has the children’s best interests at heart.