Romance and the Virgo Man

The Virgo man, practical and analytical as he is in most matters, is rather cautious when it comes to love and romance. He is not what one would call romantic. He may be shy and hesitant. It may be up to the female to begin the relationship. He may prefer not to start an affair until he has dated for a while.
Virgo is particular. If his love partner makes one false move, he is likely to dissolve the relationship. An understanding and patient woman can help him to be a little more realistic and open in his approach to love. But first she must know what kind of man she is dealing with.
The witty, talkative Virgo man enjoys flirting. But he will never press his luck nor take advantage of a compromising situation. He won’t accuse you of stringing him along. It may seem as if he is waiting for you to make the next move. And you probably have to be the aggressor if the dating relationship is to get beyond the holding-hands stage and into serious lovemaking. Make sure, though, you don’t go overboard with physical demonstrations of affection—especially in public places. Virgo is easily embarrassed by touching and kissing in front of other people. Any degree of sexual intimacy is strictly reserved for the bedroom.
The strong, silent Virgo type usually appeals to women who like the challenge of overcoming his apparent resistance to her feminine charms. Little does she know that he might be scared silly of making a fool of himself or of being criticized. Virgo projects his own personality traits onto people who get close to him. So he naturally believes that a woman who approaches is just as critical and faultfinding as he is. Fortunately, though, he doesn’t project the egotism and chauvinism that could turn many a woman off. So if you want to play the seduction game, you will thrill to the ultimate conquest of winning this hard-to-get, nearly perfect guy.
The Virgo man enjoys family life and does everything he can to keep his wife and children happy and secure. He may want to have a hand in running the household because he feels he is more efficient than his mate. He is a calm, steady, and faithful person.
As a father he could be a bit of a fussbudget. He may not know how to communicate with his children effectively in some matters. However, he is loving and responsible. He does what he can to see that they have a proper upbringing.