Romance and the Taurus Woman

The Taurus woman has a charm and beauty that are hard to define. There is something elusive about her that attracts the opposite sex—something mysterious. Needless to say, she is much sought after. Men find her a delight. She is generally easygoing, relaxed, and good-natured. Men find her a joy to be with because they can be themselves. They don’t have to try to impress her by being something they are not.
Although she may have a series of romances before actually settling down, every time she falls in love it is the real thing. She is not superficial or flighty in romance. When she gives her heart, she hopes it will be forever. When she does finally find the right person, she has no trouble in being true to him for the rest of her life.
In spite of her romantic nature, the female Taurus is quite practical, too, when it comes to love. She wants a man who can take care of her. Someone on whom she can depend. Someone who can provide her with the comforts she feels she needs. Some Taurus look for men who are well-to-do or who have already achieved success. To them, the practical side of marriage is just as important as the romantic. But most Taurus women are attracted to sincere, hardworking men who are good company and faithful in the relationship. A Taurus wife sticks by the man of her choice. She will do everything in her power to give her man the spiritual support he needs in order to advance in his career.
The Taurus woman likes pretty, gentle things. They enjoy making their home a comfortable and attractive one. They are quite artistic, and their taste in furnishings is often flawless. They know how to make a house comfortable and inviting. The Taurus woman is interested in material things. They make her feel secure and loved. Her house is apt to be filled with various objects that have an important meaning for her alone.
She is even-tempered and does what she can to get along with her mate or loved one, but once she is rubbed the wrong way she can become very angry and outspoken. The considerate mate or lover, however, has no problem with his Taurus woman. When treated well, she maintains her pleasant disposition, and is a delight to be with. She is a woman who is kind and warm when she is with the man of her choice. A man who is strong, protective, and financially sound is the sort of man who can help bring out the best in a woman born under this sign. She enjoys being flattered and being paid small attentions. It is not that she is excessively demanding, but just that she likes to have evidence from time to time that she is dearly loved.
The Taurus woman is very dependable and faithful. The man who wins her is indeed lucky. She wants a complete, comfortable, and correct home life. She seldom complains. She is quite flexible and can enjoy the good times or suffer the bad times with equal grace. Although she does enjoy luxury, if difficult times come about, she will not bicker but stick beside the man she loves. For her marriage is serious business. It is very unlikely that a Taurus woman would seek a divorce unless it was absolutely necessary.
A good homemaker, the Taurus woman knows how to keep the love of her man alive once she has won him. To her, love is a way of life. She will live entirely for the purpose of making her man happy. Men seldom have reason to be dissatisfied with a Taurus mate. Their affections never stray. Taurus women are determined people. When they put their minds to making a marriage or love relationship work, it seldom fails. They’ll work as hard at romance as they will at anything else they want.
As a mother, the Taurus woman does what she can to see that her children are brought up correctly. She likes her children to be polite and obedient. She can be strict when she puts her mind to it. It is important to her that the youngsters learn the right things in life—even if they don’t seem to want to. She is not at all permissive as a parent. Her children must respect her and do as she says. She won’t stand for insolence or disobedience. She is well-meaning in her treatment of her children. Although the children may resent her strictness as they are growing up, in later life they see that she was justified in the way she handled them.