Romance and the Taurus Man

The Taurus man is as determined in love as he is in everything else. Once he sets his mind on winning a woman, he keeps at it until he has achieved his goal.
Women find him attractive. The Taurus man has a protective way about him. He knows how to make a woman feel wanted and taken care of. Taurus men are often fatherly, so women looking for protection and unwavering affection are attracted to them. Because of their he-man physiques, and sure ways, they have no trouble in romance. The opposite sex find their particular brand of charm difficult to resist.
He can be a very romantic person. The number of romances he is likely to have before actually settling down may be many. But he is faithful. He is true to the person he loves for as long as that relationship lasts. When he finds someone suited to him, he devotes the rest of his life to making her happy.
Married life agrees with the man born under the Taurus sign. They make good, dependable husbands and excellent, concerned fathers. The Taurus man is, of course, attracted to a woman who is good-looking and charming. But the qualities that most appeal to him often lie deeper than the skin. He is not interested in glamour alone. The girl of his choice must be a good homemaker, resourceful, and loving. Someone kind and considerate is apt to touch his heartstrings more than a pretty, one-dimensional face. He is looking for a woman to settle down with for a lifetime.
Marriage is important to him because it means stability and security, two things that are most important to Taurus. He is serious about marriage. He will do his best to provide for his family in a way he feels is correct and responsible. He is not one to shirk his family responsibilities. He likes to know that the woman he has married will stand beside him in all that he does.
The Taurus man believes that only he should be boss of the family. He may listen and even accept the advice of his spouse, but he is the one who runs things. He likes to feel that he is the king in his castle.
He likes his home to be comfortable and inviting. He has a liking for soft things; he likes to be babied a little by the woman he loves. He may be a strict parent, but he feels it is for the children’s own good.