Romance and the Scorpio Woman

The Scorpio woman is generally quite attractive and is often sought after by the opposite sex. Her attractiveness is sometimes more suggestive than real. Her voice is smooth, and mellow—her mannerisms dramatic.

She can be quite passionate when in love. She may be too much to handle for the man of moderate romantic interests. She does what she can to make a success of her love life. When in love, she does not hold back her affections. She expects the same honesty from her partner.

She is always serious when in love. She may have a great number of affairs before actually settling down. Romance is important to her. But more important is that she find a man who is compatible with her interests and needs. A man she desires, she usually wins. She is sure of herself in matters of the heart and can be very persuasive when necessary. Men find her difficult to ignore or resist. She may be jealous and possessive. If she suspects her lover of not being true, she can become quite angry and vindictive.

She is usually accurate when sizing up someone who interests her. She seldom chooses the wrong man. She is usually very faithful when married. She does all she can to help her man get ahead in his career. She supports him in all his interests and often is able to supply him with some very good advice. She will never let her husband down even in difficult times. She will fight for her husband and even take a job outside the home if it is necessary to make ends meet.

Scorpios have so much intense energy that they can handle the triple tasks of homemaker, mother, and career woman. But some Scorpio women have old-fashioned attitudes about marriage. She will be content with her role as wife and mother, and she will use her extraordinary creative talents in managing the household.

The Scorpio mother is an all-around homemaker, providing the children with all their material needs even if she has to go out and take a job to do so. If this is the case, the youngsters’ emotional needs might suffer from lack of attention. Although the Scorpio mother idolizes her children, she can be quite strict, especially when they are young. As they grow older, they will understand and appreciate her better.