Romance and the Sagittarius Woman

The Sagittarius woman is kind and gentle. Most of the time she is very considerate of others and enjoys being of help in some way to her friends. She can be quite active and, as a result, be rather difficult to catch. On the whole, she is optimistic and friendly. She believes in looking on the bright side of things. She knows how to make the best of situations that others feel are not worth salvaging. She has plenty of pluck.
Men generally like her because of her easygoing manner. Quite often she becomes friends with a man before venturing on to romance. There is something about her that makes her more of a companion than a lover. The woman Archer can best be described as sporting and broad-minded.
She is almost never possessive. She enjoys her own freedom too much to want to make demands on that of another person.
She is always youthful in her disposition. She may seem naive or guileless at times. Generally it takes her longer really to mature than it does others. She tends to be impulsive and may easily jump from one thing to another. If she has an unfortunate experience in love early in life, she may shy away from fast or intimate contacts for a while. She is usually very popular. Not all the men who are attracted to her see her as a possible lover, but more as a friend or companion.
The woman born under the sign of the Archer generally believes in true love. She may have several romances before she decides to settle down. For her there is no particular rush. She is willing to have a long romantic relationship with the man she loves before making marriage plans.
The Sagittarius woman is often the outdoors type and has a strong liking for animals—especially dogs and horses. Quite often she excels in sports. She is not generally someone who is content to stay at home and cook and take care of the house. She would rather be out attending to her other interests. When she does household work, however, she does it well.
She makes a good companion as well as a wife. She usually enjoys participating with her husband in his various interests and affairs. Her sunny disposition often brightens up the dull moments of a love affair.
At times her temper may flare, but she is herself again after a few moments. She would never butt into her husband’s business affairs, but she does enjoy being asked for her opinion from time to time. Generally she is up to date on all that her husband is doing and can offer him some pretty sound advice.
The Sagittarius woman is seldom jealous of her husband’s interest in other people—even if some of them are of the opposite sex. If she has no reason to doubt his love, she never questions it.
She makes a loving and sympathetic mother. She knows all the sports news and probably has the latest board game to play with her children. Her cheerful manner makes her an invaluable playmate and encouraging guide.