Romance and the Sagittarius Man

The Sagittarius man is often an adventurer. He likes taking chances in love as well as in life. He may hop around quite a bit—from one romance to another—before really thinking about settling down. Many men born under this sign feel that marriage would mean the end of their freedom, so they avoid it as much as possible. Whenever a romance becomes too serious, they move on.
Many Sagittarius men are impulsive in love. Early marriages for some often end unpleasantly. A male Archer is not a very mature person, even at an age when most others are. He takes a bit more time. He may not always make a wise choice in a love partner.
He is affectionate and loving but not at all possessive. Because he is rather lighthearted in love, he sometimes gets into trouble.
Most Sagittarius men find romance an exciting adventure. They make attentive lovers and are never cool or indifferent. Love should also have a bit of fun in it for him too. He likes to keep things light and gay. Romance without humor can at times be difficult for him to accept. The woman he loves should also be a good sport. She should have as open and fun-loving a disposition as he has if she is to understand him properly.
He wants his mate to share his interest in the outdoor life and animals. If she is good at sports, she is likely to win his heart. The average Sagittarius generally has an interest in athletics of various sorts—from bicycling to baseball.
His mate must also be a good intellectual companion, someone who can easily discuss those matters which interest him. Physical love is important to him—but so is spiritual love. A good romance will contain these in balance.
His sense of humor may sometimes seem a little unkind to someone who is not used to being laughed at. He enjoys playing jokes now and again. It is the child in his nature that remains a part of his character even when he grows old and gray.
He is not a homebody. He is responsible, however, and will do what is necessary to keep a home together. Still and all, the best wife for him is one who can manage household matters single-handedly if need be.
He loves the children, especially as they grow older and begin to take on definite personalities.