Romance and the Pisces Woman

Of all the women of the Zodiac, Pisces is the most sensitive and the most loving. She is very giving by nature and does what she can to make those she loves happy and content. Marriage means a lot to her. She is sincere and affectionate. The man who wins her is a lucky fellow.
She is usually interested in a sensitive man, someone who is intelligent and has an understanding and appreciation of the arts. She cannot abide a man who is mean or petty. She likes someone who is expansive and strong, someone she can depend on at all times. She may find it difficult to make up her own mind at times. So it is important for her to have someone who knows what he wants in life, someone she can lean on and ask for advice when she needs it.
Some Pisces women really don’t know what they want in a man and may drift from one romance to another. She is a true romantic and may spend her waking hours daydreaming about the kind of love life she would like. But then she may just keep it a dream, afraid to go out and do something about it. She likes her loved one to make a fuss over her, to tell her how lovely and desirable she is. She has to be assured that her man really loves her. Small gifts and compliments keep her spirits up.
The Pisces woman is sensitive and may imagine that someone has insulted her when she has no real reason for thinking so. She can become very jealous at times. If she suspects her lover of being unfaithful, it could mean the end of the relationship. Although her lover may be innocent of the accusation, he may find it impossible to convince his Pisces partner that this is so. The strong Pisces woman acknowledges this weakness and does her best to brush imagined jealousy out of her mind.
She is a good wife and likes taking care of things at home. She may not have much patience for financial accounting, so she can be disdainful of the figures and spend money carelessly or unreasonably.
She loves children and makes a tender and permissive mother. Her tendency is to spoil children. She may give them too much love and attention when a firmer hand is needed. There is always a strong tie between a Pisces mother and her child.