Romance and the Pisces Man

The Pisces man is a romantic. He is sincere in his affections and does not tend to move from one romance to another. He believes in being true to just one woman. He likes an artistic and intelligent woman, someone with whom he can discuss his interests as an equal. He likes a woman who will fuss over him. He likes being flattered even if there is not a grain of truth in what is said. He has to be constantly reassured. He has to have a woman who is kind and considerate, someone who is able to put up with his changing moods.
A woman who has a strong character is well-suited to the Pisces man. He must not have someone who is weaker than himself. He is the kind of a man who has to be in love. Without love, he feels lonely and unwanted. He may try to make up for this by drinking heavily or abusing his health in other ways. However, too strong or forceful a woman may be too much for him. He may find it impossible to avoid her advances and then will cheat with someone he does not really love.
He likes to know where his loved one is every moment of the day. He can be possessive even before marriage. His loved one may find some of his demands excessive at times. Jealousy could easily destroy him and his romance. The wise Pisces man knows how to put foolish thoughts out of his head and to trust the woman he loves when he has no reason to do otherwise.
His love is deep. When he marries and settles down, it’s usually for good. He makes a faithful husband. He does what he can to provide for his family. A happy, well-run home is important to him. He does what he can to make his wife and children feel loved and needed. Security is also important to him, and he will always do what he can to keep his home together.
Children love him. He may be too easygoing as a father, letting his children do as they please. It is fine if his wife is a bit firmer in handling the youngsters, for then they have a chance of developing their potential.