Romance and the Libra Woman

Libra women are quite passionate and affectionate. Most of them possess a mysterious charm which makes them much in demand with the opposite sex. The Libra woman is never short of admirers. She may have a difficult time trying to make up her mind about which one to settle down with, but she does what she can to enjoy herself during her state of indecision. She may go from one affair to the other without any regrets or misgivings. Others may accuse her of being a great flirt, but in all love relationships she is quite sincere. She is changeable and impulsive, though, which makes it hard for her to be consistent in her affections at times.

The Libra woman adjusts to married life very well. When she has found the right man, she is willing to do all she can to keep their life a peaceful and harmonious one. In spite of her inclination to flirt, the Libra woman usually remains faithful after she has married. At times, she may find herself strongly attracted to another man. But she knows how to control herself and would do nothing that might jeopardize her marriage.
The Libra woman is usually poised and charming in a standoffish way. Underneath, however, she may be very passionate and loving. Her husband may find her more romantic than he expected. She is the kind of woman most men adore. There is something helpless yet seductive about her. She is not the sort of woman who would like to wear the pants in the family. She is only too glad to let someone else manage everything. She likes being taken care of.

Although she may seem terribly dependent and clinging, when the situation calls for her to take things over, she can do this quite ably. She’s the kind of a woman who generally gets things her own way. Her charm and beauty are indeed irresistible.
The Libra woman makes an ideal wife. She knows how to arrange things in a home so that they radiate peace, harmony, and beauty. When guests arrive, she knows how to make them feel comfortable immediately. She makes an excellent hostess. Her husband is apt to find her an invaluable companion. He can discuss things with her at his ease. The Libra woman is quite intelligent and has no difficulty in discussing matters that many women fail to understand or master.

She is a lover of a busy social life. However, she would be willing to give up all the glitter and laughter of party going if it interfered with her duties as a wife or mother.
Her tastes are rather expensive. She may run up bills without giving it much thought. If her husband can afford her extravagance, chances are he won’t complain. He is apt to feel that his charming wife is worth the extra expense.

The Libra woman makes an understanding mother. It is important to her that her children get a chance to develop their real personalities. She is quite persuasive in a gentle way.