Romance and the Gemini Woman

The Gemini woman has no trouble attracting members of the opposite sex. They find her dazzling and glamorous. Her disposition is almost always gay and fun-loving. She knows how to make her suitors feel appreciated and wanted. However, she is restless and easily changes from one mood to another. This often mystifies and disappoints admirers. Sometimes she seems easy to please, other times not. People who don’t understand her think she is difficult and egocentric.

The Gemini woman likes variety in her love relationships. She may go through many romances before she thinks of marrying and settling down. She admires a man who can accept her as an equal, intellectually and emotionally. She is not too fond of domestic duties. After marriage, she wants to pursue her various interests just as she did when she was single.

An intellectual man is apt to appeal to her when she is interested in a serious love relationship. A man who can win her mind can win her heart. Gemini seldom mrries someone she considers her inferior intellectually. She wants someone she can respect.
The single Gemini woman can be quite flirtatious. She may even toy with the affections of someone she is not seriously interested in. When she feels a romance has come to an end, she’ll say so bluntly and move on. She likes her love relationships to be an adventure— full of amusement and excitement. Men looking for a housekeeper instead of a partner are wasting their time when courting a Gemini woman. She’ll never tie herself to the kitchen for the love of a man. She is interested in too many other things.

The considerate Gemini woman, however, will cut down on her interests and confine most of her activities to the home if she feels the love of her man is worth the sacrifice.
The Gemini woman has good taste in decorating a home. She knows how to arrange rooms and how to use color tastefully. She can become a good homemaker once she puts her mind to it. She likes things tidy and neat but is not too fond of domestic chores. If possible, she will see to it that she has some help in carrying out household duties.