Romance and the Gemini Man

The Gemini man is interested in change and adventure in his romantic activities. The woman who desires to keep up with him has to be quick on her feet. His restlessness is apt to puzzle even those who love him. He is quick-witted and fond of challenge. Someone who is likely to drag him into a life of humdrum domesticity will not win him.

In spite of the fact that he may go from romance to romance quite easily, the Gemini man is really in search of a true and lasting love relationship. He is popular with women. They like him because of his charm and intelligence. If he cares for a woman, he can make her feel like the most important person in his life. He is capable of steadfastness in his affections, but there is no guarantee how long this will last.

A girl interested in home and a family—and nothing else—is not one who will appeal to him. He wants someone who is a good companion, someone who can share his interests as well as his moods. He wants someone he can talk with as an equal, someone whose interests go beyond the trivial. In love, he can be either passionate or mild; it depends on his partner and the circumstances. Some Geminis are easily distracted in romance, and their interests travel from one woman to the other with appalling ease.

When he does meet the ideal mate, Gemini proves himself to be loving and responsible. He does his best to protect the interests of his family and is willing to make the sacrifices necessary to keep his home life in order. He may flirt occasionally after marriage, but it seldom goes beyond that. The woman who marries him must allow him his romantic fantasies. He can become unreasonable if he is reproached for flirting harmlessly.

He will be faithful to the woman who allows him his freedom— the woman who is not suspicious and trusts him.
Life with a Gemini man can be a happy one indeed, but the woman who plans to go through life at his side has to be as adaptable and active as he is.