Romance and the Capricorn Woman

The Capricorn woman is very serious when it comes to love and courtship. She is correct. When her loved one offends her sensibilities, she lets him know in short order. She can be quite affectionate with the right man. On the whole, however, she is rather inhibited. A warm and understanding man can teach her how to be more demonstrative in her affection.
She is not fond of flirting. A man who tries to win her with his charm may not have much of a chance. She is interested in someone who is serious on whom she can depend. Respect also plays an important part when she selects a lover or partner. A man who abuses her affections is quickly dismissed. She will never take the lead in a love affair, yet she is not fond of people who move fast. She likes to take her time getting to know someone. Whirlwind romance has very little appeal to a Capricorn woman.
She is a perfectionist to some extent. She wants a man she can look up to and respect. Someone who is in a position to provide a good home and the necessary security is more important and interesting to her than someone who is amorous and charming.
The Capricorn woman needs someone who is warm and affectionate even though she may not show or indicate it. She needs someone who is what she is not. She may spend a great deal of time looking for the right person. She is not someone who will settle for something short of her ideals. Some female Goats marry late in life as a result. The cultivated Capricorn woman, however, knows how to take the bitter with the sweet. If she meets someone who basically lines up with her ideals but is not perfect, she will settle for him and try to make the most of it.
The Capricorn wife runs her home in a very efficient manner. She is faithful and systematic. She enjoys taking care of her family and sees to it that everything runs smoothly. She may not be very romantic, even after marriage. However, the right man can help her to develop a deeper interest in love and companionship as the marriage grows.
She is a correct mother. Her children never want. She may not be too loving or sympathetic, but she is responsible and protective. Children’s love for her grows as they grow older.