Romance and the Capricorn Man

The Capricorn man is no Lothario. He will never be swept off his feet by romance. He’s more intellectual than romantic. He is fond of affection but may find it difficult to express affection toward the one he is interested in.
He is capable of great passion—yet passion that is lacking in affection. His loved one is apt to find him difficult to understand at times. He is honest in his love relationships. He would never lead a woman astray.
Flirting has no interest for him. He believes in steady, gradual relationships. He likes to know his partner well as a person before going on to romance or love. He may seem casual at first in the way he demonstrates his interest. As he wins the woman’s trust, however, he will begin to unwind and reveal his feelings for what they are.
A woman who can help him gain those things in life that interest him holds a great attraction for him. He is not a fortune hunter. But if the woman he is interested in has some money or social background, so much the better. He can be practical, even when in love.
He is an idealist. He has a dream woman running around in his head, and he won’t give up his search until he has found her—or someone like her. He is faithful in marriage. He does what he can to provide well for his family. He can be depended on to fulfill his role as father and husband to the letter.
He always tries to do what is best for his children. He may not be the most affectionate father, but he is dutiful and responsible. The feelings a Capricorn father has for his youngsters generally intensify as they grow up.