Romance and the Cancer Woman

The Cancer woman is sincere in her approach to love. Her feelings run deep. Still, she’s moody, tempestuous, and changeable. She is so sensitive in romance that her lover may find her difficult to understand at times. The Moon Child knows exactly the sort of man she is looking for. If she can find him, she’ll never let him go.
The trouble is she frequently goes through a lot of men in her search for the perfect lover. She surrenders completely to her emotions. She can experience the whole melodrama of falling in love, longing to be with her man, then being desolate when parted from him. If she does find her ideal mate, she will take to marriage for the rest of her life without looking back or even at another man. If she can’t marry the man of her dreams, or even live with him, she might carry a torch for the rest of her days. That is the tenacity of the Cancer woman’s pure devotion to the man she loves.
Marriage is a union suited to the Crab’s temperament, which needs a safe haven in which her feelings can be nurtured. She longs for permanence in a relationship, and usually is not fond of flings or meaningless romantic adventures. Because her emotions are so deep, she can easily feel wronged by a minor slight. Once she imagines she has been hurt, she can retreat rapidly and withdraw deep within herself to brood. It may be quite a while before she comes out of her shell. She desires a man who is protective and affectionate, someone who can understand and cope with her moods so that she does not feel threatened.
As a Moon Child, Cancer is very temperamental. She’ll soar to the heights of ecstasy, then plunge into the depths of despondency all with dazzling speed. She’ll sparkle like champagne, then fizzle out before the high wears off. Such marked changes of personality can be bewildering to a lover who may have done nothing to provoke them. Reason and logic will not coax her out of a bad mood. Only patient love will work. And if do you not have staying power or refined sensibilities, then you don’t stand the ghost of a chance with the Cancer woman.
Cancer’s intuition is usually right on. She can size up a situation instinctively, and more times than not she is right. What her gut feelings tell her can be the cause of many a quarrel and the occasion for nagging her mate about a myriad of things. Because she is possessive, there can be discord. And she more she loves, the more possessive and jealous she can become. The demands she is likely to make can be overbearing at times. But as long as she is reassured and appreciated, all will be well.
The Cancer woman makes a devoted wife and mother who will do everything to keep her family together. The only danger is that she may transfer all her love to the children, making her man feel useless and left out. As long as her man participates fully in family life, there will be harmony and affection.