Romance and the Cancer Man

The Cancer man may come on as the reserved type. It can be difficult for some women to understand him. Generally, he is a very loving person, but sometimes he will not let his sensitive side show. He is afraid of being rejected or hurt, so he tries to keep his true feelings hidden until he knows that the intended object of his affections is capable of taking him seriously.
For him, love is a serious business. And he is so serious about love that you might say he lives for loveā€”to give it and to receive it. True to the symbol of the sign of Cancer, which is the Crab, he feels his way very carefully in any romantic alliance. He is not going to make any rash mistakes. But even if it’s only a brief affair, the Cancer man will treat his lover as the only woman in the world. When he is convinced that you, too, are serious, then this sensuous idealist is all yours.
You must never play around with his feelings. Like the Crab, the Cancer man pretends to be tough and invulnerable on the outside, but on the inside he is so soft it hurts. He is perhaps the most sensitive person you have ever met. Your Moon Child is highly emotive and moody, reflecting the Moon’s quick changeability and shifts of temperament. And, like his ruler the Moon, he is terribly responsive to the vibes coming from his lover. It’s all or nothing with him, so jealousy and possessiveness can become a problem. He needs to be constantly reassured that you love him.
If you love him, tell him so often. And show him that you love him, not only with physical love but also with thoughtfully chosen fine gifts no matter how small. He is sentimental. He will treasure everything you give him. He will keep mementos of your happy moments together, especially souvenirs of the occasion when he became sure you would be the love his life.
When deeply in love, the Cancer man does everything in his power to hold the woman of his choice. He is very affectionate and may be extravagant from time to time with the woman he loves. He will lavish gifts upon you and will see that you never lack anything you desire to make your home life together warm and cozy.
Marriage is something the Cancer man sets as a goal early in his life. He wants to settle down with someone who will mother him to some extent. Often he looks for a woman who has the same qualities as his mother, especially if his early childhood revolved around his mother’s central role in the family. The remembrance of things maternal makes him feel truly loved and secure.
The Cancer man is an attentive father. He is fond of large families. Sometimes his love for the children may be too possessive, and he can stifle their independence with smothering ways.