Romance and the Aries Man

The Aries man is often quite romantic and charming when courting the opposite sex. He knows how to win the heart of the woman he loves. The Aries in love is as persuasive and energetic as he is in anything else that interests him. He makes an attentive and considerate lover.
A direct and positive person, he has no trouble in attracting women. They are often taken by his charming and dashing manner. The opposite sex feels very safe and confident when with an Aries man—for he knows how to make a woman feel wanted and appreciated. However, the Aries man is sometimes so sure of himself that he frightens the more sensitive woman away.
Although the man born under the sign of the Ram is usually quite faithful when married, he does not mind playing the field as long as he remains single. He can be quite a flirt; sometimes the Aries man goes from one romance to the other until he finds the right girl.
Making conquests on the battlefield of love is apt to give his ego quite a boost. The Aries man never has very much trouble with rivals. When he is intent on love he knows how to do away with all opposition—and in short order. The Aries is a man who is very much in need of love and affection; he is quite open about this and goes about attaining it in a very open way.
He may be quite adventurous in love while he is single, but once he settles down, he becomes a very reliable and responsible mate. The Aries man is really a family-type man. He enjoys the company of his immediate family; he appreciates the comforts of home.
A well-furnished and inviting home is important to a man born under this sign. Some of the furnishings may be a little on the luxurious side; the Aries feels often inspired to do better if he is surrounded by a show of material comfort. Success-oriented, he likes his home to radiate success.
The Aries man often likes to putter around the house, making minor repairs and installing new household utensils. He is a man who does not mind being tied down as long as he does not really feel it. He will be the head of the house; he does not like the woman to wear the pants in the family. He wants to be the one who keeps things in order. He remains romantic, even after marriage. He is tremendously fond of children and is quite apt to spoil them a bit. He makes an affectionate father. Children make him happy when they make him feel proud of them.