Romance and the Aquarius Woman

Some Aquarius women may seem cool and aloof while still exuding a sort of sexual warmth and charm. They may not be particularly interested in sex. They are more often than not attracted to the mental capacities of a man. The purely physical attributes, no matter how attractive they may be, hold little interest for them.
When she does fall in love, it is usually with a man who is her intellectual equal or superior. She makes a faithful wife or lover. The man to whom she gives her affection must live up to her expectations. If he does not, she is likely to drop him quite quickly.
Many men are apt to find the Aquarius woman both attractive and cold. She is not a very demonstrative person as a rule. A possessive man is apt to be in for a lot of frustration while courting her. She has her own laws to live by. She will not submit to a man who wants to fashion her to fit his own needs. Freedom and privacy are important to her even after marriage. If the man she loves respects her for her individuality and allows her what she feels are her inalienable rights, everything will run smoothly in their relationship.
She is in need of warmth and affection. The right man can help her to develop her interest in these qualities. Although she is no flirt, she may have a good many romantic adventures behind her before she consents to marry and settle down.
She makes an excellent companion, spiritually and intellectually. She makes a faithful and devoted wife. It is important to her that she have all the latest household appliances—especially those that save time—for she is not very domestically inclined. Chances are that after marriage she will want to continue her career or interests outside the home.
She is loving when dealing with her family. She must have peace and harmony in her home. She will put her foot down if things upset her. Her husband or children must not make excessive demands of her.
Home may tie her down more than she desires. She may feel the need to get out and do something for others. Her family may see this as neglectful behavior, although it is not. She holds that her family is more than just a husband and children. She relates to the community in which she lives and feels that she has obligations to it. She is very conscientious in her relationships.
As a mother, she is ideal. She understands her children and treats them as equals. She is not a scold, but her children would never step out of line anyway. They respect her too much for that.