Romance and the Aquarius Man

The Aquarius man is generally quite broad-minded. His interests extend to the farthest horizons. Humanity means a lot to him. He is in love with people. This is more important to him, sometimes, than being in love with just one person.
He is the kind of a lover who can win a woman over by his intellectual charm. He is usually witty and a good conversationalist. His joy of life usually impresses a mate or date.
Liberty is important to him. He will take up with the woman he loves but never try to strap her down with dos and don’ts. He wants his loved one to respect his right to express himself as he desires. If she understands his deep interest in personal freedom, and accepts it, the relationship is bound to be an enjoyable one. If she becomes too possessive, he is apt to break the relationship without giving an explanation.
Chances are he will have quite a number of love affairs in his life before he thinks of marrying. Sometimes he is impulsive about love and falls for a woman quickly and without reason. Later he may regret it. He is unpredictable in love. Some Aquarius men marry their loved ones after a relatively unhappy love affair and make good husbands. They may disappoint their loved ones while courting, but after they settle down they do their best to set matters right.
He is generally affectionate, although he may not be very demonstrative. He is kind and considerate; he would never take advantage of another’s feelings. Every time he is in love he is serious—even if the affair is short-lived.
He is fair in all things. He is likely to treat strangers with the same courtesy and kindness as he treats his family. Everyone is equal to him. He won’t act one way with one person, another way with another. He’s honest and always the same as far as his personality is concerned.
He is a faithful husband and a responsible parent. His interests outside may take him away from home affairs quite often. However, he will never neglect his basic duties as a provider. He may have to be coaxed to stay home more often.
Children love him. He is tolerant with them and enjoys seeing them developing their own personalities. He is not a disciplinarian; he does not have to be. He guides the youngsters with ease.