Rat 2019

Couple and Affective Bonds

Rats will experience a marked need of finding tranquility and stability in their couples. They will try to avoid conflictive relationships. Couples with partners ready to comply with demands will prosper, since Rat people are never very willing to give in to their own requests. Those that make the most of their differences with their partners in order to mature rather than feeding on nonconformism, will enjoy intense love ties without exhausting ups and downs.
2019 will be a very good year to bring harmony to family bonds; even old wounds will be finally healed, and stress will be relieved. Meanwhile, social life could have some ups and downs due to the Rats’ defensive attitude, caused by high feelings of vulnerability when being criticized. Allowing enough time for decision-making processes will be important.


The inbred work hyperactivity of the Rats will be exacerbated by the year of the Horse’s influence. This sign could even get too worked up following economic fluctuations, and must find a way to keep the balance, so as not to get stressed and fall ill. It will be a good year for trying to find a guru who will help them keep centered and not make unnecessary and tiring efforts. Fear of failure or of misery will be issues that will demand intense work. Saving more will provide an apparent and temporary feeling of calm, but in the cost-benefit scale, investing money in leisure and long lifespan goods will be a better choice.


Rats’ health is tough even if they do not take too much care of themselves. Because of their demanding and busy way of life, they are prone to eating disorderly and on the go. Their obsession for fulfilling material goals moves them away from developing their spirituality, despite their great capacity for nurturing this key area of life. As they love to travel, they must be careful with accidents and always have medical coverage for unexpected events occurring in foreign places. Most vulnerable body parts include thighs and hips, and vertebrae and joints.

Quality of Life

This will be a year to take special care of the emotional and energetic balance. The Horse can wear Rats out or knock them off-balance if they do not make up for this fatigue adequately.
Although the results of these efforts are neither immediate nor —apparently— the ones sought for, an attitude of permanent learning and nourishment will be critical. Knowing for sure that everything evident and circumstantial has a purpose and a significant meaning will be the guide to evolve and discover unexpected personal aspects. At home: water fountains, plants, and decoration in light blue, white, and metallic colors. Light meals and good hydration with few dairy products and lots of vegetables will help lighter digestions. This year, staying at home and sharing with friends will be the best source of affection and positive energy.