Rat 2016

The Year of the Monkey starts on 8 February 2016 and will be an excellent one for the Rat. It will be a year for making progress, realizing ambitions and enjoying great personal happiness. In Monkey years the Rat comes into his own.
One area which will see important developments will be the Rat’s work. In 2016 there will be some excellent opportunities for him to build on his existing position and secure promotion or to move to something more in keeping with what he wants to do. Any Rat who feels stale in his present work, considers himself in a rut or would like to transfer to something different should make it his resolution for the year to make some changes and improve his position.
Almost as soon as the Monkey year starts, interesting developments could occur. More senior colleagues could move on, creating opportunities, or the Rat could be offered a new opening within his current organization or see an attractive vacancy elsewhere. Whenever an opportunity arises, the Rat should act swiftly. With his skills and experience, as well as his ability to get on with others, he has a great deal in his favour, and he should make the most of it. Even if some job applications do not go his way, he should not lose heart. Events will work out well for him in the end, although in some cases he will need to persist. For work opportunities February, March, June and September are particularly favourable, but the aspects are so good that chances could arise at almost any time during the year.
Rats who are seeking work or wanting to change career should take advantage of any training opportunities that are available as well as carry out any background reading and research that could be useful. Keeping themselves informed and developing their skills will often help them secure a suitable position.
Also, if the Rat has creative aspirations or has a particular idea he wishes to develop, he should aim to take this further over the year. With his talents and good communication skills, he could make quite an impression. As the saying goes, Nothing ventured, nothing gained and in the Monkey year the Rat has much to gain by venturing.
The year is also favourably aspected for financial matters, with many Rats enjoying a noticeable increase in their income.
Often this will arise from the advances they are able to make in their work, but some may be able to supplement this by either working on a freelance basis or by putting their skills to a different use. The year does favour enterprise and the Rat, with his ability to identify opportunities, can benefit from the prevailing trends. He should, however, still manage his money well and would find it helpful to regularly set funds aside for specific purposes as well as adding to his savings. With control and self-discipline, he will be pleased with the improvement in his financial situation.
Another excellently aspected area is the Rat’s personal life. The sociable Rat always sets great store by his relationships with others and in the Monkey year these will mean a great deal to him. In his domestic life he will watch with fondness the progress of those close to him and by encouraging and supporting them and taking an interest in their affairs, he will play a valued role. Even if there are differences of opinion, as there may be in all years, by being willing to talk over any problems the Rat can do much to defuse awkward situations as well as maintain the rapport he so values. In addition, the year could bring some notable family occasions, including a possible wedding, addition to his family or celebration of a personal triumph. The Monkey year will certainly see some memorable family moments!
The Rat can also look forward to a pleasing social life, with invitations to a variety of parties and events. Being such a sociable person, he will revel in the activity and the chance to meet others. Also, if he is able to meet up with colleagues or work associates on a social basis, he could find himself forging valuable contacts and impressing others.
For unattached Rats and those looking for more companionship this can be a splendid year, with romance, close relationships and the prospects of new friendships all wonderfully aspected. The months of March, May, July and September are particularly favourable for meeting others.
On a personal level, this will be a year that the Rat will have good reason to enjoy.
In so many respects the Monkey year is a time of opportunity, but it is still important that the Rat makes sure his life has balance and sets aside time for himself. With so much happening, there is a risk that he could find some of his recreational pursuits being squeezed out. To prevent this, he should set a regular time aside for activities he enjoys. Whether he wants to carry on with existing hobbies or take up something new, he will find his interests will not only bring him pleasure but also do him good.
Overall, the Monkey year is one of the best years for the Rat and is very much a time when he should seize the initiative and move forward. He will be given every chance to put his resourcefulness and fine talents to good use and will enjoy some well-deserved and sometimes long- overdue success as a result.

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